Universal Filament Spool Bearing Adapter (Super fast print)

by FedorSosnin Sep 24, 2018
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Can you make it to work with 608ZZ Bearing 8x22x7. Inside diameter of the bearing is 8 millimeters.

I'm afraid that bearing may be too big. With that size bearing, there won't be enough space to slide on most spools. You might be better off picking up a really cheap pack of these small ones on eBay or amazon. Or ask a friend with some RC cars if they have extras. ;)

Its only 11mm larger than the ones you are using. It would not exceed the top area of the plastic where the existing bearing is so not sure how that would be an issue. Would you consider sharing the STEP or what ever other design file format you have so I could modify and test it out. I would post as a remix to your original work. Thanks.

I'm sorry for the confusion @deweycox, but the "top area of the plastic" you are referring to is 17.5mm total. Without any breathing room, the bearing would still be 4.5mm taller and I'm afraid that is too tall to fit into any of spools I've ever owned. The stock spool holder with one of these installed on it is right at 50mm and the spools I have are all around 55mm inner diameter. Even then, I still have to remove the nut on the holder every time I want to squeeze on a spool.

I created these in Tinkercad so I'm afraid I do not have the STEP files. However, feel free to modify these STLs in any which way you'd like.

Fantastic design. I just wish it fit my mr105zz bearings (5mm x 10mm x 4mm)

Thank you for this design, is it possible to release a version for 3x10x4 bearings? Thank you in advance

Try this file out and let me know if it works out. If it does, I'll add it to the main files. :)

That's perfect, thanks a lot men!

note: for 3X10X4 version i think you should recommend 0.1mm (i used S3D multi-process, only the bearing support is printed at 0.1mm in the picture)

Thank you for the photo. That is a rather small part so I can see why it must be .1mm.

Sorry but finally the bearing support didn't survived, it's too small, if you replace it by a hole extrusion it will be perfect for a m3 screw (and nut in other side)

Awesome! That's great. Glad it worked out.

I love this... its like you guys read my mind. I just happen to have 3x10x4 bearings lying around (ordered incorrectly on amazon) now I have a use for it! You should add this to the ThingFiles. This worked beautifully on mine. I will post a make soon.