Universal Spool Holder for SpannerHands System 1KG Quick Change 608 Bearings

by MotoGP1199 Sep 26, 2018
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Is it possible to make your large spool thread 2cm higher (longer)? The spools I use from 123-3D.nl have a width of 76mm, id of 53mm and od of 200mm. The thread of your thing is a few cm short for these spools. My spools should fit in a V5 enclosure from Spannerhands, but I like your idea of this universal holder.
Thanks in advance.

This looks excellent! I'm curious why you added the threaded rod and nuts? Do you think it would it be structurally feasible to print an adapter to bypass the rod and nuts? Also, would a 100mm rod work, or is that a little too tight?

The rod and nuts were to keep the spool centered and allow smooth operation with the bearings. I suppose you could use some plastic adapters instead of the rod. 100mm rod length should work fine. I did 98mm because its a piece I had left over and it worked great. I also like using the threaded adapters to allow the adapters to be un-threaded to expand against the case to pre-load the spool so it doesn't unwind too fast with certain spools.