Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Bike lug

by moreshk Sep 25, 2012
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I am hoping to build custom sized bikes in this manner, by having the ability to shape lugs as per need

Thanks all, I have already made a few bamboo bikes before. They involved mitering and using jigs and caused tons of manual labor. The joints were made using epoxy and natural fiber. I think I am going to use these plastic lugs only to replace the jig and the hard part of holding the frame together at the onset. Once the frame is ready I will reinforce using epoxy and natural fiber. I have the complete frame ready with all the lugs and will get to uploading the rest of the frame lugs soon. Pics to follow. I am looking for someone with expertise in FEA methods to stress test the joints, may be the natural fiber (hemp) reinforcements may not be necessary !

Very Cool! Please keep us updated on this and something that would be really Nice and helpful could be files in iges or step format. Which is easily imported & converted and edited in say FreeCAD, a application that rolls on all three major platforms.

Great idea, but I would thicken up the tubes a lot (like 10mm thick walls) and add some webs between them to strenghten them.

The joint between the chain stays and the bottom bracket looks a little small and like it might lead to a stress riser, no?

this is fantastic! please keep us informed on your progress. What method(s) were you considering for reinforcing the printed lugs?