MyRCCar 1/10 MTC Rigid Axles: 4 different axle wides, 8 different CVDs, wheelbases from 290 to 330mm and universal shafts

by dlb5 Sep 25, 2018
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Hi dlb5! I need some help again. I am using 188015 and wonder which bearings I should use for the steering blocks, and how many of them. I found I can just put one bearing for each steering block now. Don't know why.

Hi again Lee!

I undestand you built the OBTS Truggy with 188015 CVDs... but maybe as they have very long shaft compared to the other HSP CVD models, you thought they used two 5x10x4 bearings each and maybe used Vandal Steering BLocks or something like that and it worked, isn't it?¿?

Those CVDs, 188015, normally use one 5x10x4 bearing in the external side and one 10x15x4 in the internal side of the rear chubs or front steering blocks. If you look to the drawing with the four yellow axles, you need to build the one from the left, using 188015 with TypeB blocks...

Now my question is... did you use the 188015 with two 5x10x4 bearings for each one in your Truggy build?¿?

I hope I have been helpful

Thanks dlb5! I will try 10x15x4 in the internal side. The 5X10X4 doesn't fit the internal side of type B blocks

What Diff and pinion gear do you use in the shortest axles? Thanks

Hey winter the only thing that changes with axle length are the CVDs... the diff and the pinion are always the same ones.

This is great! Do you think it can really be used as a crawler? I am a rc drifter and I am looking for a crawler to 3d print and your design looks to be the best over the internet :p Thanks!

Maybe it is the best one over the internet but we don't know it, because very little people are trying it out... As it is less tested, you will recieve more attention from me for sure if you decide to go on with this project.

I'm actually finishing a build with 290wheelbase rigid axles, fixed printed diffs (all 3), sourced universal shafts, mid size axles, reduction gearbox and 100mm diameter crawler wheels. Remember to take a look to the only make more than mine, the one from Mario's... He published some videos and some parts for this rigid axles chassis.

I hope you have fun with this, remember to join the group if you want and tell us about you and your coming build :)

Thanks for the quick reply! I am for sure going to move forward building this!
For now I have one more question, and probably after I will need some more advices on the parts to buy.
-You print this in ABS right? PLA is going to be too weak?
Thanks very much!

Sorry Pedro now I see your answer :S I print in PLA which, with a good inter-layer adhesion has been enough for me. PLA is equally cheap as ABS and really more easy to print specially for big parts.

cool design could u design a passthrough axle case?
so we could use the axle for 3 or more axle vehicles

best regards

Hi there Martin!

Excuse me for the delay :( The idea you suggest I thing is interesting for more people! Please try to complete it a little with some more info in a post in the right place of MyRCCar group and let's see if other people contribute to define it so me or others can make the needed parts.

Thanks for your interest and one more time, excuse me for the delay im my answer

will do that dlb5

Thanks again Lee! Remember you have all the necessary sourced parts to build it... you just have to dis-assemble your truggy ;)

Yes! But why you change the design? It seems change a lot. Is it better for a clarwer?

Remember I try MyRCCar to have as much options possible. The MTC Chassis has more distance to the floor but also a higher gravity center.

I personally don't like crawling more than racing, but others do. Crawlers try to be exact copies of real models, trying to simulate even the same kind of transmission. That means rigid axles and double cardan adjustable length transmissions, but also locked center and FR diffs.

Hi dlb5! would you tell which CD adaptor I should use? Is it the one for TRO? And I found the gear may be not strong enough, I am afraid the part for joining the alxe with a screw is a little bit weak.

Hi again Lee! Nice to know from you again :) I think the files in this publication are not the most complete. Please review the same publication in myminifactory to find more parts related.

If you want to use 10x15x4 bearings to hold the center diff. you can find the right holders there, but they are incorrectly named. I attach them here anyway so you have no doubt.

The best option to use this rigid axle version is use sourced universal shafts... I used some plastic HSP ones so I could cut them to my desired length... For that, I had to use a special version of the 3d printed center diff. axle. I made the same than "Mario", you can find his comments here in this thing. But look for his publication to get an idea of what I'm talking about. He used the correct length metal universal shafts with a mod of the center diff axle.

I also made my own mod but very similar to his. I'm out of home for a few days so, If you want my help about that you will need to wait for a week... but you will have it for sure :)

Have fun and remember to ask your questions in the group forums too if you like, maybe some others see it there.

See u!

Hi, very nice car and great axles. I would like to use them too for my projects. I have got two questions:

  1. What metal parts did you use for the rear short axels? Can you provide a manufacturer number like you did with the cvds?
  2. What Gear parts (because I do not know if I want to print them) did you use for the front and rear axle? Maybe you also can post a number?
    Thx in advance!

Hi Dominic!

These axles, the same than the rest of MyRCCar projects use a metal differential like HSP 02024 (there are many compatible / identical ones like the Quanum Vandal ones) and a metal pinion like HSP 02030... I think you can find this parts in many kits and under many trademarks in 1/10 products.

The CVDs are the same for the front or rear axle, just use the right C-Hub+steering block for the front and the right RearFixedBlock for the rear axle.

Thanks for your interest in the project!

The car proved to be excellent. All plastic elements withstand the load. Only metal axles in the hinge were broken. But the replacement of the axis is 5 minutes.


Lots of thanks for this video and the others Mario! You continue being the only one who has understood, build, improved and tested this MTC+Rigid Axles+Mario's Updates beast! And it seems you are having fun with it :)

Congratulations and thank u again!!!

I can't believe it doesn't break with those wheels! Did you have the chance to play more with it until breaking an axle or something?¿?

The lower location of the battery compartment is impossible here, the top one prevents the installation of a pickup body. Found an alternative solution ...

Hey Mario! Good done!

I think you can't use the upper battery box because of your rear shock holders, but it is compatible with high lift pickup holders, maybe i forgot to publish the latest holders I'm using.

Anyway you have the skills to solve problems for yourself and that's great! Anyway remember to tell me about your problem and give me some time to find a solution before you start designing and maybe you will earn some time!

Remember to publish your solution. I would add the new stl to your upgrade collection and tell people in the group about it in a new post :)

290 кузов это MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_Plate_L.stl или другая длина?

290 body is MRCC_MTC_RigAxles_Steering_Plate_L.stl or other length?

The length of the steering plate is related to the axle you choose... there are four different axles, look at the first drawing between photos. The steering plate adjusts to the axle width. They are no way related to the wheelbase

What CVD do you use in this project? HSP 108015 or HSP 188015?

With the different axles you can use many CVDs, including 108015 and 188015, 106015 and 166015, 102015 and 122015, but also Quanum Vandal CVDs and the Reely ones from OpenRC Truggy

Which ones did you use?

I first try with the Reely ones... Now I'm using Quanum Vandal ones

What kind of shock absorbers are needed here?

I use shocks from 80 to 105mm, the more length will make the car lift up. I plan to make better shock holders wich should allow you to choose between various positions, (higher or lower) so you can have different ride heights with same shock.

Very beautiful car!

Hey Egor!!! Thx a lot! I know you are great designer and I am always wishing you come to MyRCCar to help us improve the designs and make some new parts :) I hooe some day you will

Thanks again man!

where did you get the stl for that body ?

It's another of my designs! The typical pickup body:) take a look to them

Now you can build a scale crawler or a monster basher.
Nice work as always. :)

Ahá!!! You got it:) you are one of the two who can easily testbthis new parts!!! No new hardware needed... Are you using the trooper or the SST diff?

I'm using the Trooper one. :)
ATM I'm rebuilding my printer to a CoreXY. :D