Shockwave Blade Pistol Brace Stabilizer

by ngtunstall Sep 26, 2018
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Well now we have one for both rifle style tubes and round tubes. The angle of the dangle and the extra tallness makes this one harder to print.

I printed the other version in PLA and ABS, they held up fine. Its mainly for cheek weld anyway unless you strap it to your arm. PLA gets loose in the heat so at worst you'll have a wobbly brace. PETG it if you want a clear one, it stands up to being a receiver so no qualms there.

They say we wouldn't download a car...

Chuck, I think you are missing a very important part here. Its a brace and it is designed to be used as such. It is NOT a stock nor is it designed to be used as such.

I printed one in PLA. Its way stiffer than my real blade and lighter with a 20% infill and 1.6mm walls. Itll end up on a pistol for testing.

Nice! I would definitely print this from Nylon if you were actually use it however. Just my $0.02

I might print this from PC-ABS if I can get it to print on my Prusa. Last time I printed this material it was on my Flash Forge but the build area is no big enough for this.

I printed it in PLA and I have no concerns but I think it's great if you would like to print it in something stronger. It feels really strong and the recoil really isn't that great.

Don't leave it in your car in the summer LOL. I can't imagine.anything more unsafe. Possible a PLA grip would be worse. PLA is OK when it's used properly which is why I only use it for shelf models or just "fit up" prints.

I'm gonna try it in PETG. It should be pretty sturdy and have better temp and uv resistance.

ABS, PC-ABS and Nylon are the only options I would consider.

Otherwise I'd just buy the damn brace.

Actually, in my experience of printing PETG functional parts, they have a pretty great deal of flexibility despite reading that PETG is a brittle material.
As for the UV and temperature resistance, I was speaking to comparison with PLA not ABS. I've always heard that PLA parts don't do well with long exposures in the sun, but this has been anecdotal and like many other issues is probably somewhat brand / quality dependent.

I've also seen accounts on youtube videos of "annealed" PLA being able to withstand higher temps that PETG under stress, but in some applications the shrinkage associated with "annealing" PLA might be problematic if you need precise measurements.

Both PETG and PLA will warp in the sun. I had printed a part in PETG and was priming it outside in the middle of the afternoon. Sure enough, the sun is hot enough to distort your print. If you plan on using the brace, keep it cool outside. CA sun is too hot for PETG for sure.