Bowden Syringe Extruder

by JelleBoomstra Sep 26, 2012
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Excellent! I could use this to extrude solder paste onto PCBs!

Any chance you could publish a DXF file for the parts that need to be laser cut? Thanks for sharing what you have in any case.

How does the luer tip mount on to the extruder head? What printer is this-- Ultimaker?

I guess what I'm asking is how to adapt this to my printer. I have a Type A Series 1...

Sorry I don't have a Type A series n, so this will probably not fit your printer. It will not even fit mine any more as I moved on to another cassette system to hold the hot and cold ends (not published yet). This particular thing is a bit nasty as it was designed in solidworks, which is decidedly unfree. But do as you see fit with it (but abide by the license, thank you). The stl or step should be a good starting point. but you will have to do actual work to make it work with your printer.

Thanks! Can it extrude thick pastes like silicone caulking?

don't know, didn't try that. But if you can with a simple syringe, then this contraption should work too. The drive nut might give a little, but unless you have some 12x6x2 laying around, you might do better with a different leadscrew and a different drive nut. That will give you more force to squeeze out thicker pastes too.

Sorry, I'm not very expert in the world of lead screws. (One word? Two words? Hyphen?) What does "12x6x2" mean?

it the measurements that define a ;leadscrew: 12mm diameter, 6mm pitch, 2starts.

Off topic: If you use it as one word, then you should write it as one word, so it should be 'leadscrew' in my opinion. Or maybe we should start writing dif-fi-cult words bro-ken down in-to syl-la-bles in-stead?

Thanks! Silly question-- if I don't have solidworks, how do I lasercut the enclosure?

Sorry for all the inquiries!

ah! Somehow I only included the 3dm(rhino3D ) file. Rather silly, as I came from solidworks as a .dxf file. But I'd never wish solidworks onto anybody, so rhino might just be a better option anyway. I'll see if I can convert it back to .dxf again.

Yet another question-- how long should the leadscrew/8mm shafts be? I'm well on my way to having this built (I'm going to post a picture) but the shorter lengths of rod I can buy, the better.

Thanks-- the lasercutter at school takes dxf...

i have some quite different vitamins but il share my version soon

Is the trapezoidal screw 8 or 10mm?

 Actually it is a 12x6x2, which may be a little too steep. A 8 or 10x2mm would probably be better wrt steps/mm and torque required.

I should have opened it in solidworks before asking :P. Could you upload the other solidworks parts for it too?

I was thinking about a bowden syringe for my huxley, glad to see someone is trying this :)

thanks for publishing this! 

 mind if I ask what you want to use this for?

For progress, i guess? Ideas are like vitamins for your mind.