PTFE Tube Chamfer and Cut Jig

by Area51 Sep 26, 2018
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Thanks for the jig mate. Works perfectly! Have a beer on me... enjoy the tip :-)

Could you add 26.20mm and 26.00mm ? (Or maybe F360 files to experiment on our own?).
This is length for the "BQ Witbox 2" and "BQ Hephestos 2" printers (26.0mm is in the documentation, but 26.2mm measured).

Kind regards,

Love the design...thanks for designing and supporting it.

Just wondering what the chances are that you could add a few extra files for different PTFE lengths.

  • 23.20 mm
    (This is used in the Mk3S in conjunction with a 21mm torlon tube mod. The sum of PTFE and torlon = 44.20mm which is the stock PTFE length)

  • 19.00 mm
    (these tubes are used in the MMU2S unit as described in the assembly info relating to the front PTFE holder.)



Thanks for the 19mm jig mate.

The torlon tube is an aftermarket mod which uses a length of torlon tube to assist prevent the enlarged tips which jam in the PTFE tubes upon unload at time of filament changes.

If you are able to provide a further file for a length of PTFE 23.20mm long, it would be appreciated. (The usual MK3S - MMU2 PTFE hotend tube length is 44.2mm. The torlon tube is 21mm, hence the adjusted PTFE length of 23.20mm.)

More info here:

Thank you for the link - I now understand, what the mod is all about...

You can use the cut jig for 44.2 mm to make the right PTFE tube length. Just insert the torlon tube first and push it to the end with the PTFE tube. When cutting the total length of torlon + PTFE tube will be the required 44.2 mm... ;-)
(this method also accounts for any variance in torlon tube length and connection between the two tubes)

I will consider making one myself, if I can get my hands on some torlon rod...

Good suggestion .......I'll make a piece of PTFE the size of the torlon and use that when I cut given the torlon will be in the hotend.

One thing I like about your design though, is that the PTFE is locked in the cutter which ensures it is horizontal and therefore should allow a for a straight cut. If there is a chance you would be able to release a 23.2 mm file it would be really appreciated. :)

Thanks again.

Just uploaded model for Cut Jig MMU2/S 19 mm PTFE tube.
Cannot find any references to 23.20 mm "torlon tube mod" for the MK3S.

How to remove piece of tube after cutting?

There is a small hole in the back of the cut rig for removing the tube after cutting. Use a small screw driver, smallest hex driver or metal wire to push out the tube after cutting.

The chamfer jig (I only used the 60 degree one) doesn't seem to fit 4mm OD PTFE tube? I can get it in to the jig with pliers but it is an extremely slow process of twisting the tube. When I do finally get it bottomed out in the jig and attempt to put a blade in the jig. I then have to hold the tube with pliers and try to twist the jig which just ends up bending the tube away from the blade.

There's a new extruder body geometry on the Prusa i3 MK3S; they have moved the Bondtech gears closer to the hotend (shortening the distance) which means a 44.2mm PTFE tube is required instead (as opposed to 50.0mm on the MK3/MK2.5). Any chance of an update for this new length?

Just uploaded the model for 44.2mm tube length (MK2.5S/MK3S/MMU2S).

I have been waiting for the assembly of my own MK3S/MMU2S (The free upgrade kit is still on Backorder...).
I like to test every model before publishing - but this change is small and pretty safe to do.
Will upload a new model for 44.2mm (MK2.5S/MK3S) soon ;-)

Still waiting on the upgrade kit myself so figured out how to do it myself. Apparently you can buy the ir sensor with the wire. I removed the brass insert from the MMU top and just 3d printed the rest of the parts. It works REALLY well.

Well, it would work better, but got no way of making the plates for the buffer:P

Sounds interesting.
The M5 brass inserts can be found on eBay - got some in case I will make new top or other modifications.
Do you have a reference to the IR sensor part?
With that I could be up and running soon - not have to wait for the upgrade... :-)


Do you have the step file for the short cutter. The Bondtech kit needs a 14.5mm long piece for the filament sensor.
I think a 15mm will do if I cut a shim off, A 14.5mm version would be better.

The 15 mm cutter is close to the desired 14.5 mm length - make a small 0.5 mm shim (could be printed) and put it in the 15 mm cutter to shorten the length.
Another way is to scale the cutter model in the length direction before print (this can be done in Slic3r and other slicers) - scale to 96.7%.

If I get more requests for a 14.5 mm version, I will happily make one... :)

Thank you for this. I was struggling to figure out how to cut the PTFE to spec.

Where do you find that drill bit? =] can't find one

19. november 2018

For some hot ends the external chamfer angle is now 60 degrees - this made me add a tool for this angle.
To make it easier to distinguish the tools, they are marked with 45 and 60.

Both tools can be found in the files section.

Prusa specification is 60° for external chamfer, why do you use 45° instead?

Relevant question.

When I made the tool some month ago, Prusa Research (PR) recommended external chamfer angle to be 45 deg and internal 60 deg.

I based this on the original specification, step 9 - Here
The new specification - Here recommend an angle of 60 deg.

I think the update has to do with the just released Multi Material 2.0 unit (MMU2). Another important change is the inside diameter for MMU2 hotend PTFE tube from 2.0 mm to 1.85 mm.

As there are recommendations for both angles I will consider adding another tool to make the 60 deg angle.

Thanks for consider to add 60° chamfer tool

Done ;-)

Look for the file with the number 60 in the name.

What size Center drill do you use??


For standard 4mm OD/2mm ID I use a 2mm center drill ($2 - $4 on eBay) - as shown on photos.
Prusa MMU 2.0 uses PTFE tube of 1.85mm ID for hot end and you need a 1.8mm center drill for that ($4 - $6 on eBay).

Try to find a sharp center drill, it works best with PTFE.

Comments deleted.

Can you upload a 15mm long jig ?

Yes I can :)
What is this tube length used for?

I just want the information for description and help users selecting the right jig.

Update: Just uploaded model for 15mm jig.

This Jig is for the throat of the E3D V6

i forgot that the tube is Smaller can you make it for 3mm diameter ?

The chamfer tool will only work for 4mm OD, but the new 15mm length jig will still cut the 3mm tube to the right length.

a perfect aid for a fiddly and repetitive part of the maintenance of the printer. Thank you for sharing it.

the pointing Jig did not work for me but the cutting jigs were perfect; some adjustability in the pointing jig might help

Thanks for this ! I just used the 50 mm jig, cut it at 49.98. Can't get much closer than that !