Titan Aero Fan mount (Ender 3/CR10) No Supports!

by Rascalgp Sep 27, 2018
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I notice that the air stream concentrate a lite to fare, just a 0.5cm after the nozzle, if you measuring from closed part of fan ring. You can easily feel it event by finger.

Nice job on the fan! This worked very well for me. I had to use slightly longer screws (m3 35mm) to screw in where the heat sink connects to the motor but that was no problem. Seems like the cooling is working well. Thanks for the design!

Thanks Man! also thanks for the make, nice photo's and good print!

Hi; great desing! is there eny chance that you can share de cad fails (SW sould be great)? I'm using an IR probe and would like to modify it so i can mount it directly on the shroud. Thanks

I provided a .step file, you can open those with solidworks just fine

Is there a BLtouch version of this?

I have mounted my Bltouch directly to the cariage, so no

That's what I've spent a couple of days designing, sigh .. thanks for a great design!
Though my version, through 3 iterations now, has very poor cooling performance and is awkward to print (upright). Any chance you could post STEP file for this? Looking at offsetting the heatsink mounting arm by about 1.9 mm outward so that it centers on the nozzle.

Added a .STEP for you, also went ahead and centered the ring on the nozzle 2mm outward
Please post a make if you decide to print it!

Much appreciated! Will definitely post a make as I had lost me 3 days now (all the time I had off for Christmas haha) to come up with a half decent shroud for the Aero upgrade.

On V3, I've noticed the ledges that mate with the fan opening have not been moved 2mm to accommodate the bracket shift? Or otherwise I'm working with a dodgy 5015 model here.

Are you Considering adding attachments for auto bed leveling? I have EZABL.

last weekend i installed a Bltouch clone, i mounted it directly on the: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2460377
cariage via a bracket and some screws

Creality CR-10 Titan Aero Mount (V6) + Volcano Version
by evil_k

Hi. Can you elaborate a bit on this? How did you mount it? Can you provide a picture?

Which band did you use was at the 5010 or the 5015

This model uses a 5015 fan

Which mount did you use for your titan?

I use this awesome mount printed in PetG:


Creality CR-10 Titan Aero Mount (V6) + Volcano Version
by evil_k

Can you make a Volcano version as well? thanks!

I guess i would need to lower the ring, how many mm does it need to be lower? i dont have a volcano hotend

Hi, how much space i will loose mounting this extruder ? i fear to loose too much printing space in comparison to the original configuration...

I didn't lose any build space in the y and x axis on my Ender 3. i did have to change the position of the Y axis endstop.

I haven't checked the Z axis yet

So with this mount the nozzle is at the same X&Y position of the original tip?

This is only a Fan mount not the extruder/hotend Titan mount, and nu the nozzle is at a different position with the extruder mount i use

Ok, i want to mount a titan direct extruder but i don't want to loose print area...now on my stock ender 3 i have full 235x235 print area...which is the real printable area with this titan mount ? (i know that you posted only the fan duct, but i ask to you because you have the titan installed)...

I didn't lose any print space with the Titan Aero on my Ender 3. In fact, I gained about 3mm on my Z axis (I had to alter the Z end stop so that I could lower it 3mm to get the Titan Aero nozzle to my glass bed).

You might need to adjust your Y end stop, or at least play with your Y offsets.