Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

maCStacker Ender-3 Lack Enclosure

by maCyo Sep 27, 2018
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Awesome functional and optical design!
Looking forward to build it maybe - currently humbling for also upgrading the board which would have the benefit to get the touchscreen + SD there outside also :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncc7TRkCH-M
Beside octoprint. Did you think about mod it to a direct drive? Looks tricky to get the filament in the extruder / or maybe only question of practice...
Thx 4 sharing!

Does anyone know the MDF measures? Same as the photo?

Hi - This looks like a great design. I'm starting to print the parts but do a couple questions:

  1. On the bottom parts, I'm trying to figure out the steps for screwing and bolting things together.
    a. do you screw the lack fuss part into the bottom of legs first?
    b. does the lack fuss and ground connection bolt together, or just rest on top of each other?
    c. it looks like there is bolt setting into the grove on ground connection, can you explain how that work? are you screwing in from the bottom side of the board into the ground connection?
  2. Do you remember the screw sizes you used?

hi. thank you

a. Yes
b. you can but you don't have to. i have not. It's an option to fix the top to the bottom if you often move the Printer.
c. i've used Metric Screws. downside up. the nut comes in the ground connection. see the pic

2) atm no. sry

hello , great job
can you say me where , you bought the magnet and the dimensions please?
I don't find the link on aliexpress, it seem this one was written .
Thanks for your support

i use 10x2mm (8x Top Connection) & 10x4mm (8x Plexiglas) neodym magnets.

hello, it's nice deisgn...
may i know the dimension of the acrylic Length x Width ?

i noted you are using an acrylic 4mm thickness right ?


Hello, thank you.

Like you can see in the picture i've used a custom wood panel (545mmx545mm) as the Base. Because of this and the rotating feets from the Lack Table i strongly recommend to take the dimension after you connect the top with the Base.

Edit: Yes Plexiglas = 4mm thickness

hii sir, i mean the dimension width x length of the plexiglass, may i know it?
thanks for your answer.

Comments deleted.


First of all, thank you for your contribution.

I'm starting to work in this enclosure.
Could you advance the dimension of the magnets and the Plexiglas panels?

Thank you very much in advance.


i use 10x2mm (8x Top Connection) & 10x4mm (8x Plexiglas) neodym magnets.
It's better that you measure the width and height for each Plexiglas Panel when you connect the top Part with the bottom Part.
Plexiglas thickness is 4mm.
The bottom wood plate is 545mmx545mm

Finally I have the Lack table. When I finish printing all the pieces I will start with the assembly.

Could you indicate the length and the screws used for the assembly?

Thank you.

how much room do you have between the top cross bar and the bottom of the top?

It looks .... AWESOME.

Too late for me, unfortunately.
I already built my Lack enclosure.

A few suggestions:
I extended the 24V cable from the power supply and placed it outside the enclosure. Currently its laying on the table but I would not leave the PS inside the compartment. The cooler the electric parts are, the better.

I added fans to the steppers, except the extruder, as I did not find a good one to attach.
I drilled a hole into the bottom, placing a 120mm fan there with a clinched fan duct blowing cold air onto the fins where the Melzi board is. That keeps it way cooler.

Good suggestions! Thank you.
I have already bought all cables :-)
I still think about how I implement it exactly and how to design the things i need for that.

Could you share a link for buying all the cables needed?

Are these CR-10 cables? This has a separate Control Box. Do they fit the Ender 3 too?

Yes. All fit except that round cable.
For the Ender-3 Display you need a longer Version of the 10-Pin ribbon cable.

I was very close to buying that extension set but I couldn't determine what the round cable is for and what I would need to reterminate connections. Do you know by chance?

The round Cable is for the CR-10 Display. This Cable Set is for the CR-10 but you can use all cables for the Ender 3 except that round cable. For the Ender 3 Display you need a long 10Pin ribbon Cable which ist not included in this Set.

Thanks! That helps a ton. Looks like I’ll be relocating my board sooner rather than later.