Rubik's Snake with better joints

by MacGyver Sep 26, 2012
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i print it and it s impossible to connect pins to triangle :/ holes to small

I had to use pliers to snap mine into place. You could try downsizing the pins slightly too. Or you could use the thinner pins I made for my heart gear as they are slightly smaller and basically the same pin but smaller.


Micro Keyed Heart Gears Fat Finger Edition

ok i ll try it

Awesome, I still have one of these around from when I was a kid. Dunno where that one got to, but I'll print out a new one!

I've printed quite a few of these.  Just follow the suggestions I've posted for the pins and it shouldn't be very difficult to assemble.

Can't wait to make one.  I destroyed so many of these as a kid.

Printed 1 printing plate so far! Will leave another set overnight and then some pins tomorrow :) I need two ends as well though right?

well, i printed some pins but i cant get the buggers in the holes! :)

I've printed my pins with 1 shell and 5% infill that seems to make them a little easier to insert.

I had to use some pliers to get them in the first side then they should snap into the second block fairly easily. Also yes you'll need one of end of each color.

I don't wanna be one to criticize but boooo on putting a stock photo up.. That's how most of us can judge if something is real and printable. You got me excited prematurely.

That having been said, glad to see someone remembering the snake!

You have to give me time to print it!  I'm posting a real photo right now.