Dust Collection Blast Gate for 4-inch Sewer & Drain Pipe

by CrashcupMN Nov 18, 2018
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So those blocks you just print separate and then glue them in where they need to go?

The only place I used glue was gluing the two halves of the gate together. Are you talking about the last 4 images? The two cylindrical ones and two rectangular/cubic ones? If so, those I used as infill mesh blocks.

I have only used Cura, so I'm not sure what the terminology is with other slicers, but in Cura I open those blocks, and while selected go to Per Model Settings, Mesh Type, and then select Modify Settings for Infill of Other Models. Then set the block to get 100% infill.

The block then gets positioned on the model where more strength is needed - where the magnets will get screwed in, on the edges around the mounting holes and around the screw holes for assembling the two haves, where the microswitch mounts to give more material for the heat-set threaded inserts.

That way the general model can be 20% infill, but just those areas get 100% for strength.

Great idea to use the switches for automatic control of the dust collector. I would be interested to see any notes/build ideas you have on the project after you complete it.