Harry Potter Elder Wand

by myk3sr Sep 28, 2018
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in what position you put it to print it?
vertical or horizontal
(Great picture of Alucard!)

Depends, I believe you can either way, infil and support would be the question, I need to print one, haven't yet...

Love the interrogation... Gotta have haters or your doing not something right, always someone trying to disprove you...

it did not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was 5 makes... Try again...

da da da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he copied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a copycat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never once did I copy anything oh, and did I not give credit to the author as required? UnFollow me and leave my page if that is the attitude you're going to have. I know children that are more polite, damn...

I'd like to apologize for the rude comment of my son through this account; I didn't know he was commenting at all, let alone in a rude manner, and I've talked to him this morning about being more polite.
Have a good Sunday...

No biggie, I'm used to this weird place we call the internet... Most people have no accountability for their actions online because.... "It the internet.... Right?!" I'm a good person by nature

Isn't this "The Elder Wand" by jakereeves?


The Elder Wand

Actually no...
It was an open source OBJ I'm allowed to repost. If you can read the description of the thing I give credit to the author

That's funny, it's the same object oh, why would it not look the same as someone else's?

The Elder Wand from Harry Potter
Open source
Credit: Ian Waddington