by egon Apr 27, 2014
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how beautiful your little monkeys
I thought you might be interested in my project, it's a lamp printer.
what do you say?
thanks bye

I have tried (and failed) 9 times to print this. I have tried everything from my own supports, the supports in the file, both at the same time, slower print speed, .3mm 1st layer height. Nothing. Absolutely nothing will work. I have a Prusa i3 Mk2. This print never makes it past the 2nd layer before it starts absolutely eviscerating itself. It's an amazing print and I would love nothing more than to print it.

Hi Talis, I'm guessing by eviscerating you mean the printer pulls the already printed areas from the building platform?
If so, do you use a brim or raft?

You guessed correctly. I have attempted it with and without a raft. Do you think a brim would help?

Since you already tried a raft my guess would be that it will not make a big difference, but then wil it hurt to try?

It seems that your printer is laying down the layers to thick for my design.
Purely theoretically it shouldn't even touch the previous layers, is the printer perhaps oozing a bit?
A solution for this would be playing around with the flow, or fooling the printer by setting the filament diameter a little higher than it actually is. Think in steps of a few %, this wil also slow the flow down.

If it happens only on certain area's it could also be a retraction issue.
I have only little knowledge on how to chance this on a i3 but you could read into that if this is the case.
I do know the slicer from http://slic3r.org gives you the option to tweak this setting.

I hope I have given you a few options to troubleshoot, let me know how it goes.

I changed the first layer height 10 .15, added a brim, and set the extruder temperature for the first layer down to 205. It makes it significantly further into the print, now about 6% into the print something else happens not sure what. it seems to hit a piece again and move it. Then spaghetti everywhere.

The head and body where they curve seem to be "wilting"/falling down while it is printing.

Did you print it with the included support? If so try generating your own support, this will be more difficult to remove but might give you a higher chance of succes.

I'm having a very hard time printing this using a Prusa i3 MK2. I am very new to this, but I was able to print the test prints (treefrog, etc) with very good success.

My main issue is that the small curves at the start (the edges of the hands/feet) are not sticking. I'm printing in PLA, on the hotbed.

Any suggestions? I've tried slowing down the print, and printing at 150um and 50um, it keeps happening.

Did you get it to work? I had a similar problem. Got the first layer to stick, but now I am having trouble about 5% in.

Hi NickCam,

Stickiness on your build platform is essential, did you try using a brim or raft?
I have no experience with printing on a hotbed, could be that it helps with PLA but normally you would only need this for ABS.
As you mentioned layer height is also very important especially the first layer, I found that on my printers a slightly thicker first layer works best. So if you use a layer height of 0.15 mm for the print, try printing the first layer at 0.2 mm or even 0.3 mm.
Hope this helps, let me know how it goes!

"cute" where the words from my 6years old daughter and then I saw it never again. Well disigned and with a happy-factor 10. Printed in one time, without failures. There where some rough edges, but they where easily to remove and sanding off. Well done, we will see more of this. thx

Thanks! :o)

So because the forearm isn't actually connected to anything, it keeps popping off its support halfway through the print thus ruining everything, this makes it impossible to do anything. please fix this, that would help a ton

I'm sorry to read that the support doesn't work for your printer and settings. I advise you to try and print it with your own generated support and see how that goes, there is a version without support available for download.

Cat loves it. Who knew. Monkey cat toy :)

I'm trying to add a toroid in mesh mixer so that I can use it as a keyring (mom's request!) but I'm having a tough time!
Any help is welcomed!

You might be better off drilling a small hole in the head or arm to attach a keyring. In my exprience adding a small ring simply is not strong enough and will break. Hope that helps.

Thanks egon ! I'll try that
I love this design as well as your other ones.

I keep having the problem that the under arm keeps falling down before the upper arm is connected.

Falling down how? Do the arms come loose from the building platform?