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Fallout New Vegas Camper

by skipstitch Oct 2, 2018
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Can you make a STL File for the Door? I can't get the parts to load.

Could this be an STL file or not, if not can you upload it to tinkercad for a very short time?

I really like this that song is actualy one of my favorite songs I is called "Jingle Jangle Jingle" it is preformed by Kay Kyser.

Thanks for the feedback! It's great to hear how the design works for assembly. I hate to say it, but I don't have a printer, so I'm kind of "winging" it on feedback I get from my designs. It's really great to see one in reality!

I can be up for the challenge of a bus. I've thought about doing one many times, but have never committed... Looks like I'll have to add one to my list. I'm a bit side tracked finishing up a Fortnite model right now, but I'll turn my attention to a bus next. I have a FO4 tractor about 90% finished, but it's made to approx. 1/10th scale w/ lots of detail. Still working on the assembly tolerances for the files.

I'll keep you posted and will shoot you a message when I'm posting the bus. (Oh, and share pix of the UFO... I can't wait to see it!)


Glad you like it!!! Please post finished pix!!! I have a few more things in the works for Fallout stuff....

No I LOVE it :) I was thinking how I got to find a camper model I could use for Wasteland Warfare and you came out with your perfect design. These are all over the wastes so having you share this was really cool. The peices fit together nice and snug, the shell fits over the chasis and the wheels pop on just fine!

If you feel like a challenge I would love to see a City Liner Bus from any of the Fallout games.. any version would be super fun to do up for the tabletop.. The ones ripped from Fallout 4 seem to have issues when I try to prep them for printing. I have a pretty good collection going of vehicles but no buses yet.. But whatever your working on I'm sure will be cool too :D

P.S. Gonna have a go at your spaceship in the next few days too.

this is next on the list for sure. Cant wait to do a few of these! Thanks so much for this camper, a perfect addition to any collection! Anything New Vegas and you've got my plastic squirting.. ehem... thanks again!