Another Dice Tower V2

by GrooveDachschund Sep 30, 2018
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The finish on the model in the photo is beautiful. Would you be willing to share how you did it?

For those people that had issues with the D20 rolls, I brought the STL file into Blender and added a cover for the cobble stone. Hopefully this will help those in need. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3548529

Happy Printing!

Another Dice Tower V2 (No Cobble Stone)

For anyone worried about finding a bottle, don't! Just find a plastic store and get a standard 3 or 4 inch acrylic tube and scale the dice tower to that.... DONE! We don't need to scour the web for the perfect bottle. Just order or buy an acrylic pipe.

Sorry, I just think it is silly to search for a bottle that fits the print (that also requires label removal and cutting) instead of just sizing the model to a pre manufactured standard clear plastic tube!

Thank you.

Specifically, remember to measure the inner diameter of the pipe and the outer diameter, as acrylic pipes tend to be quite a bit thicker than water bottles. Then you can just subtract the pipe wall thickness from the dice tower. It may be easier to just mock up the pipe as a polygon and subtract it from a scaled built version of the tower in your favorite 3D software.

I was able to print out the staircase in PLA on a Prusa MK3 by adding a 10mm brim in slic3r. Without the brim the staircase failed to adhere and dislodged after reaching the second step.

I had similar trouble but I got to about the 5th or 6th step. So I brought it into Meshmixer and cut it off there. Thing can be found at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3575871

Another Dice Tower V2 Modular Stairs
by Houndin

As someone else already stated, "This is freaking awesome". I found the 1.5L bottle at our Walmart as described. I used the hot water and cooking oil method to remove the label. I taped a 7" x 12" piece of paper to the bottle for a guide. I scored the bottle twice at each edge with a hobby knife. Bending the bottle at the score lines made a perfect cut. I haven't painted it yet but it is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

I like the look of the painting effect in the bottom of the tower. Looks like there was some texture added there or something. Is that suppose to resemble bones/skulls or treasure or something? It's hard to tell in the picture. If so, I'd like to know how you accomplished the effect.

Printed this out and noticed that the rocky nature of the landing platform sometimes results in a d20 resting on its edge and forcing a reroll. I think I'm going to put a coat of resin on mine to level it out.

Printed one and it turned out to be a hit with the gamer crowd - printed in silver with a light black wash... myself I love the statue of the warrior woman- printed that at 300% for myself and then saw one in a youtube vid that was complete [back not sliced off]. Anyone know from where she comes? Thanks gene

For the one's are having trouble with thin walls on the top element - so did I. But Lau85 has since created an updated version 2 with thicker walls on the original thing. You just have to scale it up by 103.4% to match the scale of this thing.

For the ones having trouble to find a suitable bottle - so did I. Therefore I created a bottle substitute thing. It's not as cool as a transparent bottle but imho still matches the look of the tower quite nicely.

Another dice tower
by Lau85
Another Dice Tower V2 Shell (bottle substitute)
by Malolo

FYI, an "Essentia overachieving H20" 1.5L bottle will also work.

If you're not sure about the size of your bottle, print the Crown first. It's very light and doesn't use much plastic. Then you can scale the crown up or down till it's perfect, and TAKE NOTE OF what % works. Then print all the other pieces at that percent.

Comments deleted.

Do I print the Statue standing or on it's back for the best result?

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OK . So does the crow piece at the top go inside the bottle or outside? I cant seem to get the crown on the outside without creasing the bottle and then the bottle bows. What is the crown used for? Is it to sandwich the top of the bottle into the upper part?

Nope! Still broke off the raft at about 63 Percent. Printed with Raft and no supports using glue stick on glass. My part cooling fan assembly is very close to the nozzle and I think it "grazes" the print at certain times and creates micro cracks that then multiply and eventually cause the spiral to be broken oif the raft. I have a spiral that made it all the way to 73 Percent so I just modeled up a pin that could fit in the top of the spiral and bottom of the top piece of the Dice Tower. That way I can glue the pin into the spiral and then put the cut clear bottle on the outside and then glue the pin that is sticking out of the top of the spiral to the top piece.

The difference between 73 Percent and 100 percent height on the spiral is negligible and the standard onlooker would not realize that this is a slightly "dwarfed" version of the Dice Tower.

Nice print! Really turned out nice. The stairs also printed wonderfully with no supports. I did cheat a bit though and put in a few S3D manually place support to create a few towers here and there that stabilized the stair from shacking of the build plate. I did have a problem and am wondering if anyone else has also. The top part prints wonderfully but the inner wall always cracks in half when removing from the build plate. It seems there is a spot on it that is no more that 2 extrusion widths wide. I tried printing this a second time and with no amount of care could I get it off the plate without it cracking. What did other people do?

Printing the part at a 10-15 degree angle might help. This is typically considered to get multiple layers in critical transition/shear planes... in this case it just lifts the part off the platform so you dont have to crack it off the plate :)

I wish I could upvote you.

You are my hero!!

Very nice design! I didn't want to go find a soda bottle that would work, and I was having serious problems getting the spiral staircase to thrint (my new word for 3D printing) -- it kept getting knocked over during the build, even with a generous raft and/or brim -- so what I did is to generate a "mesh" in place of the bottle, then I combined the base, the spiral staircase, and the mesh in Cura and printed it all at once. (Not everyone's thrinter will be big enough to do this, I don't think.) See my build in the Makes section.

Thank you so much for the re-upload! I had it on a list to print and even linked it to a friend, then literally the next day when I went to grab the files to print it had vanished. I was so sad but am so happy now and am slicing as I type :D

Any Bottle alternitives for european or german people? :(

I generated and built a mesh to go in place of the bottle -- see my build in the Makes section.

Not that i know of. But i just used a 100mm diameter clear acrylic tube i got for around 6 € from China. Scale up the parts to 110% or 111% and it fits quite nicely. Conversely, if you take a 90mm diameter tube, just scale it down to 90% respectively. Easy peasy!
If you are not sure if the scale is right, just test print the "crown" file and see if it fits snuggly around the tube used. If not, scale up or down in 5% increments, slice and print again, until it fits just right. print top and bottom at the same scale, but watch that the staircase fits the inner diameter of your tube minus 1 mm diameter clearance.
These files are made with a fairly thin plastic bottle in mind, most clear plastic/acrylic tubing you can buy will probably have thicker walls and thus will not really fit into the very thin gaps at the top and bottom parts, so those must eventually be widened. But even without fitting into these, the whole thing will assemble just fine with some glue.

Confirmed, it prints beautifully without supports.

I also printed it without any supports. It worked fine on my FlashForge Finder.

And without rafts. Done on Ender 3 as well.

I cant get it to print the spiral only using a RAFT. First spiral broke off at about 62 % and then the second one broke off at 77 %. Bummer! Gotta use supports now and double the print time. :(

I had the same problem (Prusa i3 MK3) and didn't feel like tweaking settings to get it to print. I used a different approach -- see my build in the Makes section.

do you have a stl?

im just new to printing and a bit hesitant on building this without support, ive got a big enough bed to build it all at once i think 300x300x400

I posted the stl and the scad script I used to make it in the make thread.

found it now


Thanks for the suggestion. I checked out your make and its pretty neat. Since I am printing this for another person and they have thier heart set on the clear outsides to see the dice I am going to try to print the spiral staircase again and this time I will enable "Z Hop When Retracting" so as to hopefully not have the print knocked off.

I was considering Z-Hop. Please let us know if it works.

Does anyone have recommendations on how to get a clean cut of the water bottle without a table saw? I don't own really any tools

I just cut a sheet of printer paper to size and wrapped it around the bottle. Then I marked the outline with a marker and used that as a cutting guide with scissors.

I bought a schweppes agrum bottle (belgium) of 1.5L. It is 88mm diameter. Maybe i need to print the design a few percents smaller.

I keep having problems with the top printing the inner stone walls. Has anyone else had the same problems? If so, how did you fix it?

Inner top wall breaking at the block joint? Mine too. I don't have a solution yet. :-(

A thought to make it fold slightly smaller,
if the trays ID was slightly bigger than the tower base OD it could be detached inverted & nested for transport.

How little infill can I use? Does it need supports?

I printed this last week, and I love it... but there is one major flaw that has to be addressed. First off, I used a 1.5L smart water bottle, and it fit perfectly. No issues there. Cutting to the right length was tricky; I wound up assembling the tower with the bottle left long, and rotated it around the top of the steps to draw my cut line with a sharpie. After I got it all assembled, I found that the cobblestone tray wound up catching the d20 at odd angles, preventing them from laying flat. That means it's impossible to tell what number is facing up most of the time. I fixed this by pouring some clear XTC3D Resin into the cobblestone portion of the tray, until it was level with the bottom most step. That left me a glass smooth, rock hard surface for my dice to land on. This is easily my favorite dice tower now, thanks for the model!

I just posted an insert that is completely smooth that lays directly in the dice tray to make it completely flat. This is an awesome tool and I think with the flat tray it improves the utility of the design with minimal sacrifice to the overall aesthetic. Bonus: you don't have to reprint the tower! Just paint, add glue and drop into your existing tower!


Another Dice Tower V2 smooth tray insert

Indeed, i worried about the cobblestone tray also. Would it be possible to add a version with a flatter, less bumpy surface? Or maybe even completely flat? And maybe also a bit higher walls for the tray, as i fear it may allow dice to jump out?

Feel free to remix this however you like.

Lovely Model, will add it to my print list :)

@Robofaktur, the OP has included a link to the required water bottle does this not help?

Actually, no it doesn't. Because there are no Walmarts or smart water bottles here in Germany.
Cannot even get those on Ebay and thus have to resort to more conventional (and pricey) alternatives, aka. clear acrylic tubes.
Which is why some metric measurements would be really nice to have.

I'd be happy to mail you an empty water bottle. Shipping US -> Germany for a water bottle can't be that steep right?

Oh, well, thanks, but i'll try to make due with a conventional 90 - 100mm diameter acrylic tube instead.
With a bit of luck I'll just have to rescale the parts accordingly, already printed the top part at 110% for a test fitting.
Gonna post the measurements here as soon as i have them right.

Smart Water Bottle "tube" is 170mm tall, 90mm outside diameter, and .5mm thick wall. hope that helps!

Yep, that helps indeed, many thanks!

I really wish i had exact metric measurements for this, so i don' t have to run around measuring waterbottles.
Especially the inside and outside diameter of the clear plastic tube would be great to have, so one could adjust the scaling accordingly.
I have ordered a 100mm diameter acrylic tube with 95mm internal diameter, 200mm long. Wondering how i must rescale all this to make it fit?

Please double-check me on this, but in Meshmixer it looks like the diameter of the bottle should be 90mm or 91mm. I haven't tried this out with a printed copy, though.

It's on the base as one entire object. You can see it in the thingiview.