Sugar Dog

by Mag-net Sep 30, 2018
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I've been scouring thingiverse since the day I got my printer for an Andalusian Hound model, and this is close enough! I love it! I think I'll limit myselft to the 'unsugared' version, though :D

I'm glad to hear! Enjoy!

Hey buddy have to say I’m loving your prints :) I have printed lots of diffrent models and the cat and dog are my favourite and my guy from big trouble little China :) keep up the amazing work Man and let me know if u end up making a Jack burton ;) if you have Facebook add me :) TheiMike miggy :)

Thanks man. The cat and dog were really fun to design. I did run across an amazing Jack model made by Sideshow. It's even got the shirt! I had to resist placing an order. Thanks again!

Ok. Just to be that guy. They are called sugar skulls because they are made of sugar and are of SKULLS. The real name is Calavera. The proper name for this would be Day of the dead dog. maybe even Día de Muertos perro. Anyway. The sugar is white..like..you can do it...bone.

So even if we were to make this into a treat, it would be "maple dog" or something that's brown.

rant over.

Nothing is stopping you from chopping the head off this file and printing it out of sugar. I'm not here to tell you what you can or can't do. I only suggest that when you see a problem, look for solutions! I bet if you try really hard, you can make this dog out of sugar. I believe in you!

another great one for the coming holiday. Thank you for the split model for MM, much appreciated

Thanks. Let me know if the split works.