D&D Medium Ship (Playable Terrain)

by Tecwyn Oct 1, 2018
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Hi do you have a file for the chest & the pieces you used to hold the hull together thanks

The chest and pieces are after market items, created out of wood and MDF. Though, for my frigate D&D boat I did use the attached file to create Z block, to stop it from being pushed by peoples hands. For chest I recommend this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2615634

1" Treasure Token for D&D or Other RPG

Hi, If I load the ZBlock file in cura but they are just a straight block.

Yep, simple solution to stopping someone from pushing the parts off. I put some on the bottom as well as the sides, so they line up perfectly with the sections below it, so they can only be lifted out and cannot slide right or left. Apply them to the sides and bottom where appropriate. Please see the attached picture to how I did it. You can create more complex solutions. In a later designed boat its all connected by magnets.

Hi, If I load the ZBlock file in cura but they are just a straight block.

Sooo I couldn't help but notice there is no helm/steering wheel in the files. Am i just overlooking something?

Hi, I used a custom pre-made helm when I built mine, which is probs why I missed it out. I did design one though, please see the attached. I will admen the whole project. It's amazing what gets missed until someone points it out.

Awesome! Thank you so much. I actually just gave the whole ship to my DM as a going away present and he loves it. But yah it is such a small thing that I didn't even notice it until I put the whole ship together and realized there was no helm lol.

Having a problem with middle3. Using Simplify3D and a Powerspec 3d pro. When i import the file it looks fine but when I prepare to print it It puts in large gaps that look like they are part of the file. New to this so not sure what's going on.

Just tried middle4 and same problem. Everything worked finr until now..?? see attached

Should these be printed upright or laying flat like in the thingiverse pictures? Using Prusa MK3s if it makes a difference. Thanks for any help. Still a noob.

tl;dr Flat.

When choosing how to print you want to consider a few factors, 1) Amount of Supports, 2) Print bed adhesion, 3) Points of failure.

1) When printing a little miniature, it is nice to reduce the amount of supports, as it saves you on material and time. You may do this by printing them horizontal and upside down, as the sword is closer to the print bed, as instead you might have a lot of supports reaching up to that object.

2) If you imagine your printing a cone with the tip on the bottom and a large base further up. This is a small area giving us print bed adhesion (keeping the model on the bed). Printing the higher sections of the cone the overhang might be 20°-40°. So we wouldn't use supports for that really. So doing it this way might lead to the model: failing over, snapping, getting off set etc. If you rotated the model and printed the cone with the large flat side on the bottom, you remove all the issues and still do not need supports.

3) You can also orientate the model as to put the point of failure earlier, to attempting to mitigate it completely. Like using the cone example, doing it tip on the bottom, has a long point of failure, it really could break anytime as your adding more and more weight. Rotating it the other way, the model no longer has any point of failure.

Look at "New_mask_top", see how if you rotated it 180° it would be a better print. As you wouldn't need supports. And printing it as is, you would have to do a small bridge (printing across a gap), so the rotating would remove this potential point of failure.

I hope this helps, keep asking questions. I look forward to seeing your prints :).

Thanks so much for the response. Was really busy at work and I'm now just getting started on the boat. Sorry for my late reply. 1st two pieces printed out. when I'm loading the boat_bottom3 file into prusa slicer I'm getting an error message. I re-downloaded the boat_bottom3 file and still getting error message. Most other pieces I'm getting an error message as well. "Prusa Slicer has encountered an error. Error loading a file." ... Any suggestions? thanks again.

I finished mine, but Thingiverse won't let me upload a make, so I'll post it here. Added the Crow's Nest.

That looks fantastic. Wow, what a great job.
Has anyone used the Hatchbox wood filament? I'm having a hard time with it and hoped you may be able to share any temperature profile settings. It's a stringy mess; I'm rather new to 3d printing so learning and Google'ing heh.

@Insatiable, fantastic job. Did you use any type of supports or raft when you printed the mast?

@Phanoko: Thanks, I'm really happy with how it turned out. I used that exact filament actually, and I loved it! I printed at 210° at 50mm/s for all parts. The filament stuck perfectly to blue painters tape, no need for rafts or brims on any parts, even the mast.

Stringing is usually due to your retraction settings. Mine were set to 4mm Distance and 40mm/s Speed. I also use Combing over parts, which reduces the opportunity for stringing. On this part the only stringing I got was between the railings, and Hatchbox Wood filament is super easy to file down.

I printed everything on a BIBO Touch 2.

Absolutely fantastic ship, I'm in the middle of printing it right now. I'm wondering if there is meant to be a gap in the stl for Middle2, I have a gap showing on the file on one side of the print that would need supports in order to print ok.

Hi! I hope it all goes well and you can enjoy it. Sadly I cannot take a new picture of my boat to show you (as its currently in a box somewhere as I am moving houses) but I've attached the render, that's how it should look and that's how I successfully printed it. I had no issues with my prints at all (besides the normal print bed adhesion issues!). All I can say is using the Obj and Cura I was able to get a amazing print.

I have also attached a (new-changed) Obj for Middle2, if this does not work then I do not know what support to offer.

That's no worries Tecwyn, hope the move goes well. I'll use the obj file to slice in Cura.

Hi, fantastic model. Thank you so much for this! I was just wondering where I can get a file for the steering wheel?

Hi, apologises the steering wheel seen in this picture isn't 3d printed it was something I just happen to have on hand. You can print this wheel scaled down, it is very nice I use it later in my other design. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:647019

Ship's Wheel
by _gid

I'm halfway through printing this awesome model! The middle section with the doorway/windows printed just fine without supports on my Ender 3, FYI. Question for you, as I'm brand new to 3D printing and this ship is my first BIG project: I notice on your bottom pieces, there are some kind of clips that look like they're used to hold the bottom layer together. Where might I find these? Will post a make once this is all printed/painted up. Thank you!!

tl;dr I don't actually have that sorry!

I just had those on hand, the little cube locks they work extremely well but they weren't 3dprinted. I used a quick alternative system on my other designs which was to use a 3mm block and glue them on. I haven't yet replicated the cube locks in Maya/3D modelling. Maybe I will get round to designing a printable copy but I just used "ZblockAll3mm" instead.

The Cube locks work so well infact, you can lift it up while holding the front and back only, the middle is supported really well.

So happy to hear its going fine, this Saturday (12/01) infact I will running a one-shot for the first time using these boats.

Hey Tecwyn, can you tell me what this hole in the deck is used to represent? I know one of my players will ask, and all I can think of is "easy access to below decks."

Also, what paint did you use on your model in the picture?

Yes, there is a below deck which you can print, it is accessed by this gap. There is a ladder which would require 10 feet to go up / down.

Edit: Oh, I didnt see the paint question. These aren't painted. The ship is printed in FDM wood-fill. I then used wood-dye, Varnish and lacquer. The lacquer also made it a richer tone. You can use lacquer that doesn't change the colour which is set by the dye but I did want a deep colour. Depends on the dye and lacquer you use.

I think middle 1 has a model issue. It starts printing the side squares with the middle missing, then trys to print over the open space a fails.

Which slicer are you using? The file was successfully printed in Cura on a Ender 3.

What did you use for supports for the door?

None, I bridged it. But, any supports will do just remember that they will block the windows as well, so you can use a file to poke them out :).

Cura, on a Ender 3. Check out the bottom w/o supports. There is a Hole under the middle tiles.

Oh wow, I see... Very strange, when I load my master file up it doesn't display this. Any chance the attached file is any better? Hmm.

I think the problem is with the .stl, I was using middle.stl to slice not the .obj. The .obj slices just fine.

OK, I have removed the STLs from the project, I only added them as requested by another user. I used a online converter to change the file types, so corruption might have taken place there. I only ever use obj, so I've never tested anything besides that. :)

Yes, I had issues with the Bottom3 STL. It put a gap in the bottom that I failed to notice and the print failed due to that. I noticed that some details are different in the OBJ files, I hope they will match the STLs that I have printed so far.

Excellent design, though. Super stoked to unveil this at an upcoming session! One question: how do you access the lower decks? I don't want to glue it together, sealing them. Would be nice to figure out some temporary fasteners or the like.

Thanks for the help, lesson learned.

As a Heads for others, the Middle3 portion of this build wont fit on the ENDER 3 build Plate Flat, just a tad bit to long. maybe if the raised portion was seperated from the railing portion, youd be able to print it flat. Instead of the whole piece being Middle3, would benefit the Ender 3 if it was a Middle3 and a Middle4. May try slicing that STL Middle3 so i can print just as explained. Will update when i do.
Still waiting on the larger boat model when ya make it Tecwyn :) wanna run few sessions on the open sea and these boats would be the main Terrain on my DnD tv Table i build :P

Hi, I printed this on a Ender 3. So I am surprised to hear that it wouldn't fit? Have you set up your build plate area correctly in your slicer? Here is a screenshot of it attached in my view in Cura and a picture of the model sitting on my printer. Please do let me know how it goes.

On the topic of the 24 cannon, 3 tier ship. It is finally designed, better than this ship is. I've had some setbacks on when I can print it. I don't believe uploading a model without proof of each part being printable, so hopefully can get that posted up in 2 weeks.

I believe i found the problem tho. Those files that are the correct ones, are the OBJ. files, and not the STL. files im trying to slice.

Oh yes of course, someone else asked me to upload STLs instead. I normally only work with obj. I have changed it now, so no more confusion! :)

see, thats not the Middle3 that i have form your file section. This also has the end piece with thew 3 step setup with the Railing.

Oh my days, I just downloaded my own project to check and yeah I have uploaded the wrong file under Middle3. I can't believe your the first person in 4088 downloads who noticed and said something about this mistake. The "Middle3" in my project folder is different. Not sure how I manged to nuff this up. I will admen this project as a whole, but I have also attached it on this message.

Thank you for pointing this out! (I mean, where people not confused you could print part 4 and the stairs? Maybe everyone just has bigger printers than us?)

Now to figure out the Mask (Mast) print outs ya have a only STL or all 3 OBJs seperately. :P

You can test this if you would like, I ended up hating how I did the Mast. I haven't tested these yet. Also yes... shamefully, I didn't realise it was mast and not mask.

Yeah i downloaded the whole file section, and luckily i had uploaded my Cura to allow OBJ files as well as STLs. Maybe people have just printed that section file as an Upright position instead of laying flat? Also the Cr10 has a higher build plate than the Ender 3 so could still Fit that Stl file flat instead as a whole Piece instead of in sections like the OBJ.

I can't wait to start printing this! My DM is doing a nautical campaign and we're going to use it as the centerpiece. Do you recommend printing the lower bow section vertically, or the way it will be when finished? I use Cura and Repetier Host, and sometimes it does some wonky stuff when I import. Wouldn't mind an even larger one if you ever get bored ;D

Firstly thank you! I have yet to use my boats in my campaign. So glad you will be able to use it. Cura always imports them in a strange position. Not sure if that's due to my models or cura. I printed all my parts the way they are meant to be used. So make them flat. Only Middle3 needs supports due to the doorway. Please post a make when you print it!

Also I am working on a 3 tier 24 cannon frigate. I want to do 3 masts and make it the best I can it's about 70% done. :)

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This is a gorgeous build. A tad big to fit on my printer, but that is my challenge. Keep going, I want to see more!

I have designed and are currently printing a smaller second ship. The largest of the parts for the smaller ship is 127 x 158 x 50mm. So hopefully that might work for you? Or I can just split the items into smaller parts? Then the only challenge is making sure they don't wobble, as you have more parts. If you let me know your max build plate, I can create a copy which needs more parts.

Oh, no worries! I was just noting it might be a little more difficult with people who have smaller build plates. But, if those individuals have been using one for a while, they know how to modify and assemble prints to work (often involving some glue).

But I definitely want to see that second ship! :)

This looks amazing, can't wait to see more of your work!

its gorgeous - i cant wait to print it thank you so much for sharing! great work!

Slic3r has errors opening bottom3, middle1, and the full file. Any chance we can get the STL files?

Hi RevenantTao, here are STL copies. I use Cura, no other program was tested. So apologises if there are challenges with the other slicers.