Propeller Launcher

by Davidcolsson Apr 27, 2014
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Great print on an original Prusa i3 MK2 with PLA.

Some minor problem though: the lid is flush to the central gear part so it will touch it and prevent normal operation. Either reduce by 0.4mm / 0.8mm the central gear vertical size or add a slight space on the lid so that it does not close entirely. Extending even more the central bevel would also solve the problem. I choosed to put some hot glue so that the lid does not close entirely and the gear can operate freely.

Also the central part (the gear) must be printed with 100% infill or else will be too fragile depending on the slicer and the type of infill created.

First print of propeller failed, but adding a raft solved the problem.

Can i use this to base a beyblade launcher off of?
Will give credit

Haven't printed it yet. Wondering how it works.

Just a beginner at 3d printing and designing, wondering if anyone has any suggestions or tips for me designing things?

Have you added anything else that will fly yet?

looks like nothing happened for 4 years now, no flying pigs

Love it.
Just like what I played with back in the days

wunderbar..... passt und funktioniert auf anhieb . . , das macht laune

what infill setting?

I see we both have the autodesk inventor stupidity of always exporting the files sideways.

Luckly it's just a click to turn then ;)

My tablet stand here on thingiverse + my schools laggy 3d print computers makes it hard to rotate things. My gaming machine and my printer has no issue, but school uses laptops for their afinia 3dmprinters. My ~45mb stls take 10 seconds per frame to update on the screen. It is annoying.

I made one very similar to this and used Ninja-Flex for the puller..Try it, it will not break..Good tool for testing prop configurations.

I will try this! :D

Can you upload a propeller with slightly thicker walls?

Propeller with Thicker Ring Walls
by jesse

I printed this with no support, rafts, or anything. Just load and print. Simplify3D did a great job of adjusting print speed to get the best quality the blades look amazing and these will make great Christmas Presents!! Thank you so much for a wonderful design.

Although I couldn't put on the lid, the spikes just seem too big to fit into the handle, I ended up breaking all 4 spikes and had to use tape to secure the lid on the top

Yeah the spikes a a little too tight and I've had som who broke. A design update is in order

did you print the blades vertically? It seems like there would be real issues trying to print the blades without support.

Printed the blades laying flat with no supports. I ended up printing 115 of these and only had 2 failures

No problem at all, the angle is ok for any fdm printer :)

I was able to print everything but the prop. I can't get past the first layer on the prop -- as soon as it starts on the blades the PLA near the blade ends - outside and near the cone - stick up, and then hit the hot end on as it comes around again.

Any suggestions for the prop?

Maybe a bit late, but if you use an increased initial layer width of the first layer it will print nothing the first layer because the walls are too thin. The next layer will then lift up and make everything go wrong from there.

Try increasing the distance between your printerbed and tips, could be its too close.

Thanks David ..will try that and report back :)

I printed this thing. Very good toy! Will be interesting try some other propeller. If you upload the propeller CAD file, i try redesign and upload them. Of course will be best way if you can uploading some other propeller :)
Many thanks for this thing!

The propeller is really hard to print.
The rest is very good!

What kind of problem do you encounter?

I made this for my grand daughter and she loves it. Thanks for sharing.

Glad to hear! :) my nephew loves it too :)

Ok I printed out your Proppv2 and your Draggerv2 Wow!
This went from neat to you have to try this! Great improvements.

Nice! Flies well and more to come :)