Rotary Tumbler

by Perinski Oct 2, 2018
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Such a great job and not even this Rotary Tumbler! The other objects you made look really great too, the details are impressive and all the things inspire confidence and quality. You said you are an engineer, can I ask you in which field?

Anyway, just keep going and, please, continue to share as you already did it until now!
Cheers from France

Thank you for your nicely words! It is inspiring :) I work in the sphere of electronics and robotics. And much more :) In two words can not describe :) This is a hobby in free time.

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I really love your work, great looking design, will look forward to try to make it. Obtaining materials may be challenging. I especially like the real straight forward design in use of the printer parts as I have salvaged several. I believe I even have the exact same motor!
Thank you again for you fine work and your efforts... cheers from Arizona.

Thanks for your support, your words inspire :)

I can not see the sketches for the control of the machine with arduino

Sketch for Arduino in the archive.

Thank you very much study the code to see which pins are connected to the encoder.

:) there will be questions - ask

Great design. You have a link to 4 parts. Where are the other non printed parts such as the container barrel, rods, bearings, motors, etc? I really want to build this but need to know what was used. If the parts are on amazon, you can post promotor links and make money from others purchasing off of your links. Again, great design and awesome video. Looking forward to your response.

aluminum pipe 10x1mm (the length will depend on the length of the drum used), rods diameter 5mm. HP C6429-60004 - printer paper feed motor

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Can this be used for wet tumbling?

can be used with liquid. but in this case do not loosen the cover gasket, and you need to put the gaskets on the side connections inside the drum.

Amazing! Thanks for this beautiful design and the lovely video ;-)

Beautiful machine, design. Sorry, but what can i do with this?? thanks for ideas!!

Thank you for your assessment of my work.

This is a machine for finishing parts (polishing, grinding with various abrasives)