Whoop Gates - Modular System

by lmbcruz Oct 2, 2018
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What pla do you use just transparent?

Yes just regular transparent PLA. No need to be anything fany or a even brand one.
If you print with 10-15 infill and 2 shells in a coloured pla(not transparent) the LED strips are also able to give it colour.

another thought. Have you considered making a short part the same dimensions as those clips so you could glue them in to completely enclose the strip back? I was even thinking print without any clip and make a full length one as a cover instead. Again probably have to glue.

Ok printed my first part On side of the channel has an angle, and the clip does too, any reason for that, like is it supposed to come apart there? I was assuming you have to cut the end off a strip and slide it in, but maybe not?
I tested how it looks btw and really good! I assume any infill would look ok, mine was 15% square. Seems to diffuse very evenly.

Ok, the angle is for the overhang/no support, doh! was not thinking.

Which way do you print them? As the model comes?
I'm guessing with supports because the "clip" bits have quite an overhang.
Haven't played around with them on cura yet but did you use supports on the LED strip channels/holders?

Yes print them as the model comes. I use Simplify3d and configured my supports only on the clipping zones.
I didn't use supports for any of the led strip channels.
The only part that i used full supports was the "LinkCube-Part".

Ah of course, I only learnt recently that Cura has the option to change a certain part of the model.
Will print with supports under the clipping parts.