Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

MTG Deck Box (V6)

by jlgilmon Oct 3, 2018
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Question: Could you add a screw-top lid with the Jeskai symbol on it? (The Red White and Blue clan symbol) There's currenty no deck boxes using that symbol anywhere at all and it would be awesome to have that lid as an options(Especially since I find the lids are easily swappable).

I’ll do one up tonight. Would you prefer it to be cut halfway into the lid like the one you already printed, or all the way through?

I think it looks great the way they're done currently(Halfway into the lid).


Obviously didn't get it done as soon as I told you I would, but I added your Jeskai lids. Enjoy!

How many sleeves card can you use with this box ?

I made this the other day. It can hold 100 single sleeved cards easily. I put 5 unsleeved cards inside with 100 single sleeved (Dragon Shields Matte) and it's still a good fit. I do not think it will fit 100 double sleeved cards without jamming them down a little, but it should definitely fit 75 double sleeved cards easily for constructed formats.

Magnets with a screw is the way to go too. I used a slightly larger screw than the hole(No nut), and it screwed in fine and rotates to open nicely. Used 2 Neodynium magnets with some glue (Forgot which one, it wasn't super glue) to hold them in, since even though the magnets fit snugly the top one would still get sucked out at times.

Overall, a VERY nice looking deckbox for a commander deck. Or a double sleeved constructed deck. It has hefty weight to it even when empty, is sturdy, eye catching and very customizable. Very happy with the print.

Only downside is that it does not fit into my PirateLab deckbox case, but this box feels sturdy enough that I wouldn't be afraid of it banging around in a backpack or bag(At least the Screw variant feels super safe to me for not opening up randomly)

Do you think I should make it like another quarter inch deep?

Glad you like it!

For single sleeved cards it's a fine size as is.

As for double sleeve decks, I think an extra quarter inch may be enough since I know KMC double sleeved decks need an extra quarter inch. Since the base and top corner portion have some depth, scaling along the axis may make the lid not fit flush and nice.

If you're able to extend the inside another quarter inch without scaling the corner bit up top, it should definitely fit a double sleeved EDH deck and also still be flush with the lid. It's a bottom-heavy deckbox for me with PLA+. I even have a little warpage on the bottom but the box does not move or wobble at all and the cards fit beautifully so there's definitely some wiggle room to begin with.

TL;DR: If you add a quarter inch (Or maybe even a half inch for tokens too) depth, a double sleeved EDH deck should fit based on math, but make sure the top corner that sticks out isn't scaled or else the lid won't be flush with the box.

It would be a nice variant for double sleevers. As a single sleever the current box is great for me.

PS: I'll post my make later today with a commander deck inside it to help as reference for others.

I’ll put another variant up tonight that’s a quarter inch deeper. Should be pretty simple. Thanks for the feedback!

Random thought instead of making the bolt so long why not make a slot for a 3mm nut to slide in like 10 mm down and use a 20 mm bolt to go down in to make it swing easy with the magnet holding it.

Howdy, have you figured out the correct screw and nut?