Betafpv Beta 65x 75x 85x case for 8 batteries

by mattkins99 Oct 3, 2018
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Can you make one only for the beta85x? With the LiPos is the Case very big and i only want to store and transport the drone in the case. Thanks for your answer.

Yes, and I might put out some more variations on this case as I'm building my own custom 85mm whoop.

So it appears that the Tattu Bottom Tight 65X stl file and the Tattu Bottom Tight 75X stl file are the same file within the "Thing File" folder link. Maybe the files were accidentally labeled wrong? Both files appear to be 75mm case bottoms per the company I use to print for me as well as this free online stl file viewer https://www.viewstl.com/ ?

I will check that tonight when I get home and fix it. Sorry about that.

Awesome thx, no worries. Appreciate your help.

Fixed now. It was the Tattu65x that was wrong. That file has been updated now.

Any chance of updating this so that it fits the new betafpv 85x and also to fit the tattu 4s 450mah lipos>?

Sure, somebody just needs to send me one :-). J/k. It should be easy I just need to know the dimensions of the 85x(LxWxH) itself and the batteries. Also if the batteries are taller i’d Need to know that as well to make the lid taller.

the lipo dimensions are - 452427mm
as for the whoop its the same size height, just 10mm wider corner to corner

updated and added. Print the test square first and let me know if it works!

hi, i use your tight files and it's ok for my 75x , but i have a request…
is it possible to have an other thight version with 1.5mm more space for battery to fit the tattu 450mAh
the tattu are 62x16x13.5 and they Don't fit in because of the 13.5

thanks by advance for all

Sure! I designed it to be easy to update. print the tattu battery test first to make sure it's big enough and let me know if it works since I don't have any and can't test it.

Edit: the files have been uploaded for both 75x and 65x

erratum : the Bottom tight for tattu is perfect, but teh top one need to be tune..
it's harder to fit it than the original tight, i have to drill a little on the 4 corner, and the more importante we need 12mm bigger because with the tattu that are longer than original we can't close the box

they fit perfectly!!!! thanks for this mod

I uploaded new Tattu tops that are 12mm taller. I also bumped the gap from .05mm to .07mm so that should help with the fit.

ok thanks i'll try it now

Beta75x Tight files still corrupt...

Assuming you re-downloaded the file, are you sure you opened the right zip? lots of people have downloaded it and I've seen many prints in photos and in person so I don't think it's the file.

Yea... downloaded the ZIP and files were fine... not sure what's up...

I downloaded the individual files. I didn't need anything but the Beta75x tight. Should I just download the ZIP? I'll try that...

Ahh, looks like in that view it had both the new and the old file. I rarely download that way and hadn't tried it. I've removed the bad file now.

Nice work, did you print with supports?

Tyvm. I printed the tight version for the 75x.its a great fit. Keep up ur great work!