Enclosure for Duet 2 Maestro Ender 3

by agiler Oct 3, 2018
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How would I modify this enclosure to work with the Pro?

I have no idea, since I've lost my thinkercad account with the original models

Sorry :(

This was a nice print. However, it did not fit my Ender 3 Pro. All the ports, etc... lined up perfectly, but the ender 3 pro uses the 40mm extrusion on the Y axis so... no go. Gave the print to my buddy to use on his Ender 3 and it worked like a charm.

I'm considering upgrading my Ender 3 Pro to the Duet 2 Maestro or RKS v1.3 for Trinamic drivers ... not sure whether the Duet's worth more than twice the price... curious what sold you on it??

I love my maestro board because....

  1. The web interface is awesome and full featured, even has the ability to integrate a web cam.
  2. Gcode, Gcode, Gcode. Everything is Gcode. No more compiling "YEAH!!!!"
  3. Super smooth operation, like butter! Even at higher speeds!
  4. Support! Wow, Duet has some of the best support going! No, broken English and days waiting to get an answer!
  5. Flexibility, the board is highly flexible, multiple extruders, extra thermistors, add on boards, you name it!!!!

*BTW, my BLTouch was plug and play!!!!"

Just my top 5.

Thanks, I ended up buying the Duet from Ali. I hope it comes with everything I need. Do you use the official BLTouch or a clone?

I use an original BLTouch from Antclabs. Just easier, not worth the hassle to buy the knock off.

I have both, genuine and fake from trianglelab.
They work fine as soon I install them, but they start to lose precision when I usem them a lot in enclosure with abs temperatures.
Now I'm using 8mm inductive sensor

I print in a mirror, will that work on glass mirror, how do you like? Do you have recommended source?

I always use a mirror or normal glass, 3mm, with hair spray.
Bltouch works fine. Buy the version with the plastic tip, they are better and much more durable

Reprap firmware has a web interface built in, like octoprint, has a much more user friendly way to configure the printer on the fly using only gcode, has Ethernet, 32bits.

The printer quality is almost the same, but reprap is far more interesting than marlin

Comments deleted.

Have you been able to test this?
My worry is that, on my ender 3, the wire length seems absolutely minimal.
How close to the middle of the machine is the board?
I'm going to take a close look at where my duet is sitting compared to this design and maybe give it a try, or maybe move the screws.

One maybe irrelevant critique, the fan placement is not appropriate. According to duet3d, the steppers drivers disperse heat toward the boards underside, so you must "Position the fan to blow air underneath the board (optionally along the top as well)." That said if you run the Ender3 with original steppers, speeds, currents, etc. you might not generate too much heat for this design.

Yes, I've tested just the first version. It's ok, it works with stock cables but in the future i will make some ventilation mods using the user manual recommendations.

This draft version will work fine if you put some heatsinks and use with stock motors and 0.6-0.7A per motor. To print abs using current ventilation, use lower speeds, below 60mm/s, or some layer shifts will occur.

I really hope someone use this design and make something better. I made this in a hurry, when my original board burned one driver.
Thanks for your suggestions