Kitchen Pot Lid Holder for Adhesive Strips

by BlackjackDuck Oct 4, 2018
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"I did this without supports as the overhang was very minimal" ... how did you do this? have you seen the part you upload?

Thanks for the condescending and unconstructive comment that, for your sake in attempting to look superior, conveniently excludes my immediate follow-up sentence of "Depending on your printer, you may want to use supports."

Also, you know how I did this because I uploaded the follow-up pictures of doing exactly this. See above.

Let me re-write your comment for you: "My printer will likely require supports. I like this idea and want more print this without needing supports, so I remixed to a version that should print without supports on a lot more printers."

Here's my reply to your re-written comment: "Thanks! I'm new to Fusion 360 so I wasn't sure how to do what you were able to do. This was my first upload, so I appreciate the kind feedback! For other folks, definitely take a look at CatalinORD's remix. Looks to be a solid improvement."

"Hi, the thing is that you can clearly see in the pictures you posted that the part you upload is different from the part printed, especially if you printed this on Prusa I3 you needed support. Maybe I am wrong and I am sorry, but please if your intention was to print one part and upload another maybe you can correct that. Again I am sorry if I upset you but not all people are stupid."
This is what I wanted to write, but now I changed my mind so this is my reply to yours:
I am sorry for my comment it will never happend again, keep up the good work.