TIE Advanced

by 300zxcolin Oct 4, 2018
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Any chance we can get this as one solit model??

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Are you able to supply STLs of the canopy as 2 parts or maybe just the frame without the glass?

Separate glass and frame added ;-)

I'm trying to get better at model painting and I can't wait to have a go at this! One question, what color filament would you recommend for the print in order to provide a good base? I suppose it doesn't matter if you prime it, correct?

That's right. I always prime so the base colour isn't really important. I tend to use translucent bright green, it's always in stock because nobody else wants it!
This model is primed, lightly sanded and finished with Rover Arum white then weathered very lightly. The topcoat is just car aerosol.
The inner wing panels are mock carbon fibre adhesive tape brought off Ebay

Thanks! Your work is amazing, looking forward to starting this. Did you use supports to print the wings?

Some minor supports. Print them vertically on a raft.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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It's called the Tie Advanced Prototype in cannon, beautiful model.

Also, what did you use as alignment pins to put the fuselage together? Or why did yo add the holes to the two parts?

8mm wooden dowels used to hold flat pack furniture together. You can buy them in packs and the fluted finish on them makes it easy to insert them if your hole are a bit undersize.

what did you use for the window? looks different than the print file?

Looks like they printed in clear plastic using a honeycomb infill, and then painted the frame portion to match the rest.

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The canopy is printed in clear pla. Each window is masked off then its painted to match the main body. When finished painting remove the masking tape to reveal the clear pla

ah, very clever. Thanks, great model!

Wow that looks brilliant ; )