Flashforge Finder glass bed

by Stealth_NT Oct 5, 2018
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I added the 220mm x 220mm bed from Thingiverse. When I try to print, it says " The printing File is out of print range, the printer cannot print it". How did you get yours to accept the larger print area?

Have you managed to print larger than the 140x140x140 stock? Using the manual controls it seems like the print head has a usable range of 180x140x140. Looking at my Finder it does seem artificially limited to the 140x140 bed size.

My bad I just saw this, with flash forge soft its not possible print larger I use simplify3d but I guess the other slicers can do the same, this is an screen shot at the left side simplify at the right side flash forge slicer same model, what flashforge cannot print simplify can. If you want to try max size use the jog mode to measure the real max size since the printer cannot cover the max size the printer head its to big. I didnt went that far because this printer made only small stuff for larger ones I use the others I have.

Is their a unpaid version of simplify3d?

Looks like the flashforge slicer can handle larger prints no problem. Not sure in what dimension(s) you can go bigger.

"I just use the flash print slicer set for the FINDER printer, but I do not let the size of the slicer program bed stop me from making a larger print. You can go over the build size of the slicer bed and still slice the file. Work fine for me. So same profile I just over shoot the slicer bed dimentions."


Not fully understanding what you're saying. Yeah you can slice it but when the print is outside of its on-screen dimensions, you get a error code and flashprint will not push out the print.

Do You have the gcode settigns for it?