Creality V6/Volcano Mount,Duct and BL Touch/EZABL

by Hangtight Oct 5, 2018
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Hi James, would moving the mount upwards be an option, for the Volcano, rather than making the ducts longer? Would claw back a little bit of Z height.

Possible, although I've got a feeling it would end up requiring a compete rework.

Hi! Currently using your bltouch and fan mount with a metal V6 carriage attachment and clamping front. Works great! Not the same as yours but it does have the same boltports on the left and right. I attached a picture of your two designs installed.

The only issue I've run into is overall stability with my metal mount. It's more square, and so the fan bracket does not "grab" onto anything, it's only secured by a single bolt. I was wondering if you could provide a .step for the V6 CFD Duct so I can make small changes for personal use.

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The hole in the back doesnt clear the screw of the wheel, therefore the whole setup ends up crooked. It needs to be a bit deeper (2-3mm more). And also, the m3 nuts supposed to be put in to hold in the clamping system ; i can't fit them in. Maybe you could make them a tad bigger. I know it could also be due to a poorly calibrated printer. I've used it this way for a while with a crooked hot end but i'd rather have it nice and flush. I just printed your updated version yesterday hoping it might fix the first issue but it hasn't at all. Could you fix that ?

Thanks a lot, good evening to you !

Could you measure the recess depth? I'll double check the model.


I managed to kinda make it fit with some scraping on that hole. just spend hours messing with it and not getting it off right now ahah. I guess 1 or 2 mm more would be fine. thanks for your help. have a great evening

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I've printed both the first and this second version. Great work on the optimized version, much smaller and great visibility.
But the nozzle placement has changed compared to the original creality mount. The v6 nozzle is a bit more forward on the Y axis. like a cm or so. Do you have advice for fixing that ? Where and what to input in Marlin Firmware ?

Unfortunately this is unavoidable due to the shape and size of the V6 heat sink. You need to change the 'Home offsets'. There are various guides online on how to do this. Glad you're enjoying the prints.

Yep. Alright thank you sir ! have a good day and thanks for sharing all these designs and advice

Hello, is it correct? BLTouch offset: X = 34.6, Y = 0, should not it be: -34.6, Y = 0? Thank you for your work!

Yep. Missing 'minus' sign! Hope it works well for you.

How do you print the duct without supports? No matter which orientation I try there are areas hanging in mid air.

Take a look at the images. There is one where the duct is sitting on the table with the nozzles pointing up. That's the correct orientation. There's a small amount of bridging for the 'roof' off the duct, but that's it, and it prints fine without supports.

do you have anything which will utilize the stock fans?

What screws do I need and is that a metal clamp for the hotend?

You'll need a few M3 bolts..2 countersunk ones for the clamp and cap heads everywhere else. I'm putting together a list of sizes in the next couple of days when I get a chance.
I designed the duct around a metal mount I bought, but the printed version works just as well. If you're going to be taking it apart a few times I'd recommend using threaded inserts or helicoils for the holes.

Thanks for replying. Where did you buy the metal mount and what thread inserts are you talking about?

The mount was from a seller in the UK. Nicely made and all CNCed. I've had a quick look, and I can't find them now. But the printed version is more than up to the job.
Just Google M3 helicoil kit for the threaded inserts. Everything you need to put reliable M3 metal threads into your printed parts.

Amazing design! Easy to print and fits together flawlessly.

I printed chitos CR-10 Heavy Duty 40mm fan adapter.(thing 2494642) and it fits like a glove.