Wind Turbine (Generator) 12v

by Prospect3dlab Oct 5, 2018
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Any video of its working? Will be appreciated if you can give some technical details such as:
Start up wing speed
How much wind is required to produce 12V 1A current etc.


Hi! Unfortunately, I dont have any precise technical details, but i know that if you use nema with gearbox, it will work on moderate-strong wind, and if you use only nema17 without gearbox (there is stl model for that motor without gearbox, also) it will produce less voltage, but it will be activated even on low winds, which is good if you plan to use it with batteries.
Where i live is quite windy, so i can use version with gearbox

I'd like to see a wind turbine with any number of blades that is mounted on a shaft. At the rear of the shaft would be a large gear which would directly mesh with or be belt driven to not just one, but THREE NEMA steppers placed equi-distantly around the central gear shaft for heavier power generation!!!....do you think this is possible???

Yeah, but it would be impractical, since it would be same energy input from wind. It would be different only if you have longer blades, but since not much people are having printers bigger than 250x250mm, blades should be maded from separate parts. It would be just overcomplicated and fragile, since its 3d printed. I would rather make 3 generators like this than one generator with 3 motors

This turbine is beautiful, one of the most well polished versions I've seen on Thingiverse. My only slight criticism is that your blade design is pretty inefficient. It is very boxy and thick. You could quite easily improve the blades by just adding larger filets on the leading edge and more of a taper on the trailing edge.

Ideally, you would also want a blade that twists along its axis, such that the angle of attack is sharper near the hub and levels out at the tips. This creates more uniform lift along the length of the blade, and results in a turbine that can spin faster with less wind, however it is significantly more difficult to model and print. All that being said, your design is very nice in that you or anyone else can design new blades and easily swap them out! It would be easy to have a rapid prototype and testing loop to validate which blade design gives the best performance with your motor setup.

Disclaimer: I am not an aeronautical engineer and everything I said I learned from the internet. I may be wrong so others, feel free to correct anything I said. Just looking to help OP make more powah!

Hej! You can check last update, i designed new, more aerodynamic flins, and one of them have wire trough "twisting" axis for more stiffnes and better twisting under high winds, which should provide more efficency to the whole system :) I followed some common designs, used in proffesional wind turbines. Also, i designed all rotors to have 35 degree angle, which, by definition should be ideal and most efficient. :) Happy printing!

Please excuse my ignorance, but what is the "direction" of the gearbox? Shall the motor rotate faster than the propeller, or should the propeller rotate slower than the motor?

purpose of gearbox is that motor should rotate faster than propeller :)

I would go to a five or seven blade design. It will balance easier.

To be honest, i would not recomend it, it still need some torque for spinning on 5:1. Maybe it would work on 3,7:1, which im recomending up in text, but no need, it doesnt get that high rpm's anyway, because magnetic field in generator is slowing it down.