13:30 Printable Headphones

by jmabry Sep 29, 2012
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I have a set of these http://www.buzzer-speaker.com/manufacturer/receiver/telephone/sd-150.htm could you make them fit? it would also be good to have them water tight ,I would like to use for a under water metal detector

Will any 40mm driver work for this? And do the ones you suggested have decent bass? I listen to dubstep, so bass is pretty important
Sorry, I'm very new to making headphones and don't know much about speakers or drivers, and how they work. Would it be worth it to gut the headphones I already have to use in these (provided they are 40mm)?

Very nice work! I have similar plans, i have koss portapro phones, and i think that thry are really nice but. The cord always wears out. I've had like 4, and the cord always broke, one time i stepped on it as i got up from my chair. Cordless is what you call it. ;)
Anyways i got out the solder and modded them with a 3.5mm jack for use with a male2male 3.5 extension cord, so now its like 1,5 $ if the cord wears out instead of 40.
But i would like to go further like you have and integrate the connector into the housing, too bad that i cannot find a ycable for 3.5mm, but using RCA might also be nice. Is there enough wire on the split ends for comfortable use?

Wow, just wow. I really need to do a video on these. Thanks for making such an awesome design I will give you full credit and mention for the design in the video... http://barnnerd.com (ETA 2 - 3 weeks).

it's just incredible, what you do is fantastic ...!

Got myself a makerbot replicator 1 and it seems the headband doesn't fit on the build platform.

Been working on printing these headphones lately and have everything printed but the speaker housings. I have been trying to print out the V2 housings, but slic3r seems to not slice it properly so part of the design is missing as it starts printing the support first, then tries to print the rest of the parts above the support without printing the parts below the support.

Maybe need to change my slicing program or try print a version of the housing without the support and turn on the automatic support generation.

Tried changed from slic3r to cura for printing and seems to print the missing parts of the housing now. Unfortunately my printer decided to fall apart and fail at the 80% mark so I didn't finish printing that part.

The part was printed enough that I could experiment putting the enclosures into the headband.. although when i did, it snapped the holder on the inside that holds onto the headband. That part is too weak.. perhaps you can redesign that part to have extra support on it so flexing that part won't break it. I might try print the speaker housings rotated 90% so that that part will have the print direction supporting it so it isn't as brittle.

% should be degrees.

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thank you for your amazing creation!

have you got some pictures to illustrate yous instructions please?

I just linked to an assembly video I created for a design conference back in March (apologies for the delay). Its not step by step but combined with the written instructions I hope it helps clarify some of the less clear construction steps.

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can you make one for us? Happy to pay for it.

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Thank you for designing and posting your creation. These took some time to fully flesh out and I think it's great you choose to throw them out to the makers of the world.

I just put them together. I'm calling these one 0.8 as I think I want to tinker with them. My first problem is that the cans wanted to slide all the way off when I put them on my big head ... so I printed pair of stops and glued them to the headloop. That fixed that problem.

I've worn them for a bit and they seem fine ... no major issues as far as discomfort. My only issue is the drivers. I'm curious about finding some really nice ones and seeing if I can get high end audio quality. As they are right now: pretty good but there is not a whole lot of range.

I'm also curious about adding a bit more lip to the cans and using something like memory foam to really close off outside sound. Just a thought.

I'm going to try and do a second pair with some design flourish to make them extremely unique (any chance I could get the original CAD files - I work on SW) and will post future changes here.


+1 for another CAD file request - I, too, would love to really add some personalization in Solidworks

Hey all, apologies for the tardiness of this reply. The original files were created in Alias Studio (no parametric data). I just found out that the data link is broken, and again apologies for that, so I will upload the STEP files directly to Thingiverse.

Just printed out me set. Ordered parts today ... I'll let you know how they work.

Hey -- What was this designed in? I would love to work on the designs, do you plan on releasing the scad files?


i would love to see a scad for this. or even a mod for a microphone and over the ear design. brilaint work lad!

Hello bohne, the current parts listed are the Dimension parts. The exp versions of the left and right speaker housings are slightly modded versions with floating tabs intended to make removing break away support a little easier, but even these parts will build great on a soluble support capable machine. I am currently working on a version (V2) that would not require support material for machines that do not have a soluble support option.

Great work! Can you please also add the parts for the Dimension? Many fab labs have this device, so it is as accessible as any other 3D printer and many people asked us to print one :)

Please add the latest STL files of your V2

Really nice work, I'm a Replicator owner and definitely looking forward to an STL variant that I could print.  Really glad that you went with the 40mm driver, my old sony's sounded great with those.  Look forward to V2!  

Saw this on engadget yesterday. Great stuff!

You can absolutely build these headphones with break way support! It just involves more cleanup work, and leaves the part(s) a bit rougher than I would like. One of our goals here was to get our Replicator parts as close in quality and as easy to assemble as our Dimension 1200ES parts. This isn't really necessary for for the headphones, but for for our studio, having the Replicator output match our Dimension machine output would be a big win.

You mention the design originally required soluble support.  Could you expand on why breakaway support wouldn't work in this application?