Spear of Leonidas from Assassins Creed Odyssey

by BlacksmithingGamer Oct 6, 2018
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Its nice work but obviously you didnt print it at full size or as a whole model can you upload the chopped STL you used so we can print it aswell

The design I uploaded is actually the file I used. I have designed small and upscaled in Prusa Slic3r you can slice within the program. As I use the CR10 more for prints in the future I will upload more pre-sliced files. In the mean time someone already Remixed this for modular prints: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3144138

Modular Assassin's Creed Spear - Cosplay

Lol thats clearly not true you have the file chopped into pieces to print in your video.

A) your printer isnt that big.
B) you can clearly see in the attaced pics that just the blade alone is printing in the video

However thanks for the link i will give that one a try

If you aren't familiar with the Prusa Slic3r program, you can actually chop within the program, I didn't have to do any chopping in the STL file during design. I did all my chopping in Slic3r.

When I mentioned I "slice" within the program I meant "Chopped into pieces" within my slicing program. Hopefully this helps you!

When I downloaded the file and opened it, it was roughly a centimeter long. Do you have measurements for a full sized version?

I would recommend scaling up to 7000% if you want the size in my video.

I love how fast you where at posting this! I was wondering what the scale you recommend printing at to get a life size model for the spear?

No problem! I figured other people might want to make their own! I scaled it 7000%