Ender 3 Yoda Extruder Knob

by JaZzSuperman Oct 7, 2018
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When you say print with supports, do you mean touching build plate only, or everywhere? I REALLY wish everyone who uploads here would specify this when saying to use supports...

This was my first print with my new Ender 3 and it came out great! Tried very hard to save the cane but failed. But without the cane, it just looks like Yoda is using the force and as the extruder rotates during a print, he spins around making swift moves like Yoda does against the Emperor. I wish he had a lightsaber in his hand instead of a cane. :D

I love this! I loved it so much a made a remix, but I could only directly credit one source, and I chose the "pirate" scan that I used instead of the Yoda figure.

If you like this one, give my Pirate Knaaarb a look too. I had to have both.

Thank you for the inspiration AND the excellent extruder knob!

Ender 3 Pirate Extruder Knaarrrrrb!

Just me or it doesn't fit on the shaft?

Mine fit on the shaft perfectly. Did you accidentally scale?

Wow, why print a boring Wheel nob when you can have a Yoda on it?!
Just came out perfect on my ender 3 with supports, 0,12 Layer height. just a shame his stick broke off while removing the supports.

Great job!

I love it, Great job. I have ender 3 ultimaker Cura layer height .1 with recommended set up and support just came out beautiful.

Hi, Beautiful knob but what's your technique to print it in a good way pls ?
I've already generate support but it doesn't work properly and i can't finish it... help me please ^^ thx

Oh Man that's a great Yoda! Looks like when he was pulling Annakin's X-Wing out of the swamp in E-IV.

that was Luke's x wing

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The Force is strong with this one! Beautiful work

Talented! Unique job!

Tell me please, in what program did you make this masterpiece? I want to learn.

Worked on it in Blender and rendered the final in meshmixer

Talented! Unique job!