EMMA - a Maersk Ship

by vandragon_de Oct 7, 2018
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Would it be possible for the larger parts to be split so they can be printed at full size on a MP Select Mini, 120 x 120 x 120? The biggest I can print it now it at 60%.


Just printed this, it came out awesome.... I'm gonna layer print/color change the next one so i can print the waterline, bootstripe, hull and deckhouse separately like yours

Could you please post you container trucks
it has been 8 months since you said they were ready on Instagram, and you commented that they would be on Thingiverse soon.....
it has been 8 months.

Right, then I've fixed that now.

Would be great if you could share you g-code aswell. ( A lot of us have an Prusa i3 mk2s. )

Muy bueno el conjunto barco y grua, el camion esta publicado? Saludos

Hi Vandragon, I love your models, I'm a merchant navy officer and I printed some of your COS container ship (the long version) and everyone on board was crazy !
Would it be possible to modify this one to get to a more realistic proportions like the large COS version ? I think just by enlarging the holds !

In description is type error: White from - 71.8mm - END (Layer 118-359) should be White from - 23.6mm - END (Layer 118-359)

Hi Vandragon, wie oder mit welchem Programm designst Du die Rümpfe deiner Boote? Ich würde gerne die Emma als RC Boot drucken, dazu muss ich natürlich den Rumpf ein wenig Modifizieren (Motor, Welle, Ruder & co.) Hast Du möglicherweise ein STP-File? Danke & Gruss

Hallo, also die Schiffe sind alle mit Blender erstellt. Daher wird es auch schwer sein ein STP File daraus zu generieren.

I had to scale this WAY down for my MP select mini's Build plate... 127mm.. I also had a problem with the supports being stuck inside the cabin because it was so small...but no fault of the file....Im in the process of scaling down the containers to fit inside the ship....great little model!

Hi, wie immer ein tolles Design und mein Junior ist schon ganz wild drauf, dass ich es drucke (so viel zu drucken und noch zu wenig Drucker)
und hey hier noch eine Idee, was du mal vielleicht realisieren könntest :


allein das Design wäre gigantisch !

Grüße Jari
und mach weiter so, wir lieben Deine Schiffe !

Hallo Jari,

danke :) aber Du hast doch bestimmt schon den Eisbrecher gedruckt? Ich finde das Design noch ein wenig zu Spacig. Weiß nicht, ob das zu langweilig wird.

beim Eisbrecher bin ich gerade dran und fluche bei den kleinen Rettungsbooten, irgendwie wollen die Sitzbänke nichts werden. Aber das kriege ich hin :-) - ich fand das Design für ein "Arbeitsschiff" halt ziemlich irre. Sieht eher aus wie eine abgedrehte Millionärsjacht !!

amazing!! (from a deck officer ;D )

Thank you, I am very happy if a professional also likes it.

Vandragon - i created a base file for those using Cura that want the infill for the base to be thicker. i wanted this to be a bit more stable, so i wanted to do the base at 20-25%. if you wanted to add this to the file set, you are most welcome. i was able to add this in and use "Per model settings" to control the infill for the base.

Thank you for your trouble. But I don't know why you want a higher infill on the ground? I haven't had any problems so far.

i just wanted to be sure as i will be printing it about 270% so i just wanted to be sure that if and when my son actually puts stuff in those containers it stays bottom heavy :)

It shouldn't really change when you scale it. But at 270% it becomes critical with the bridging at the bridge. But swimming should be just as good