The Pigeon -semiauto magfed nerf pistol-

by Mrheathpants 3 days ago
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Hi there Mt Pants,

We have a slight problem here is Australia, that the silhouette of this blaster is too gun-like

any chance you or someone can remix this so its more Nerf friendly

I would love it if someone did. I tried to make as toy like as I could, but finding the balance between the form factor it needed and tpylike aesthetics was, to be quite honest, the most difficult design aspect by a lot, and I never did get it quite there. If printed in orange or similarly bright colors, I don't think it's any more gun like than, say, a stryfe with a cosmetic kit, but that's not always enough for some groups. It's something that I've been thinking about, and will keep in mind, but I definitely don't have a time frame for when that kind of revision might happen

thank you for responding,
i know what im asking is a pain, since your design is already legal in the US

What support settings do you use for the prints? mainly do you have printing supports just for the build plate or everywhere selected? Im trying to keep the orientation you have saved for the prints but some of the prints like the slides and the cage would have a lot of support material on the print that has to be removed.

The slides shouldn't have too much, if they're oriented top down on the plate. And yeah there is a fair amount of supports on this, unfortunately. You could rotate the cage face up, rather than sideways if you wanted, I chose this way because it gives a nicer finish for the motors to mount and the screws to hold them. The handles are what's really going to get you on supports.
I've found that 70 degree and 10% infill on the supports keeps them to a minimum in only the most critical places

I know you don't recommend cutting the pieces to print them, but are there certain areas on the frame and slide that should definitely be avoided if you don't have a printer with a large enough bed to print this?

If you cut through the middles of the area where the switch goes, you'll have a lot more surface area to mount things together. The slides probably need some added material to hold them together wherever you decide to split them. Possibly glue and pins could work?

Pins and glue might be possible in a couple of areas I'm looking at. I'll have to try it and see. If Pins don't work, it might be possible to friction weld the seam, though I don't know how strong that joint would be offhand.

That is seriously Realistic looking! Great Job!
What magazine(s) do you recommend?
Do you need something with an angled feed lip?

Nope! Normal Katana mags work great (which are what I've tested) but in theory, any of the printable alternatives should work too. There is a minor performance loss because of feeding the darts at an angle, but the ergonomics and compatibility were worth it to me

Thanks for testing that out! I'll have to make an angled adapter when I have time for the Vector now

For left handed users what do you mean by flip them horizontally? do they need to be mirrored? I'm confused.

So you'll take all the parts, except the two slides, and when you're slicing them, go to the left in cura and mirror them.
The slides have lettering on them, so you don't want to mirror those, and that's why I've added those as specific parts.

Ok that's what I figured it meant, but wasn't completely sure. Thanks for the clarification!