SpecStand Vertical Desktop Eyeglass Holder

by Steve-J Oct 15, 2018
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came by this persons collection of different models from different creators, that he is selling.

and thought i would alert you to this behaviour, he has included your model into his collection

build support work so try that and it will work.

I tried printing the hooks flat on both a brim and raft, but I'll try adding build support and see if that helps. Thanks!

My hooks can out really bad How can I fix this

Did you use supports?
The main stand body does not need supports, but the hook does require supports.

Why do I need 2 hooks?

Only one hook is needed, but printing two gives each one a little more cooling time between layers for a better quality/ less warped part, so it's up to you, but yes only one is needed for one stand.

How about a version without any wording on it?

Mr_Tantrum, I made a quick mod and filled in the words of the stand. All other design aspects and credit go to Steve-J. Cheers!

Sorry, I had already done this along with a couple of other changes: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3305138

SpecStand (Short) Eyeglasses/Sunglasses Stand

Hook apparently need supports to print, only by adding a brim will reveal this.

Yes, the hook requires supports as the v-tabs are wider than the main part of the hook. I did mention in the summary that the stand does not need supports but they are needed for the hook.

Yep, crazy glue is drying as I type! :-) I just thought I'd post the warning for noobs like me that have anti-RTFM tendencies. Cheers and thanks for this great design!

Thanks for the comments and posting your make!

How tall is the stand?

The overall dimensions are:
Width: 2.5" (63mm)
Depth: 3" (76mm)
Height: 7.5" (190mm)
Weight: 0.75oz (21g)

I think you mean 190mm for the Height. Cool model, thanks!

Oops, thanks! Changed it

Is it posable to make one that fits Australian coins? I would be willing to provide sizes.

Sure, I could give it a go!