DIY DeLorean Time Machine with lights!!

by OneIdMONstr Oct 9, 2018
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congratulations on your work.

I wanted to ask you for interior_2_details_trans.
Where should I put the second object with the space-time convector ?

Thank you in advance


Those are the switches for interior_2_trans.stl.

Love it!! Can't wait to try it. You put a lot of work into this. I'll post a pic when I'm done. Thanks so much!

Thank YOU! Looking forward for the result! :)

bonjour, vous avez un plan pour l'installation des LED ? merci et beau boulot

Picture 10/13 shows the position of the LEDs.

How did you paint all the little buttons?

With a little brush. ;)

Thank you buddy Its very impressive work and could you please think about K.I.T.T?

I am printing this bad boy now full scale

By the way only the doors need supports right?

because every time I try to do a test print with supports I always ruin the print because of the supports

Depends on your printer i would say.

Try the supports from the programm Meshmixer. They are easyer to remove an leave less marks on the print itself.

If you dont know the tool. You can find them under: Analysis -> Overhangs -> Generate Support

Thanks man, I am on the front_trans right now as we speak and it took me about 38 hours to print the back_trans

By the way although most screen shots show the Delorean in hover mode can you choose which mode you want it in if you want to do some green screen work with it?

No, sorry. The wheels are glued to the model. There are no moving parts for the wheels.

i can only praise the amount of work you have put into this. but that print quality is horrible,
but that will only improve over time once you get the hang of print settings.


The problem is that i printed most of the parts in 0.3mm quality, because i didnt want long print times. That was a mistake...

Very cool, I will have to try it with acetone smoothed ABS.

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What did you use for LEDs?

Thanks for sharing ! It looks very very interesting.

I want to print one, must I print the parts with the same orientation that in the picture above ?

Thx for reply!

You´re welcome.

You can print in any orientation you like. :) You will just need supports.

Great job, i'm doing one :) scaled at 63%
Did you masked also the interior where light get through? How you've did to mask the interior rear stripes? It's so tight :)
Best regards.

Thank you!
Yes. I have used woodglue and peeled it of after spraypainting.
Check your sliced model befor printing. I cant guarantee that the print will come out without problems on that scale.

Best of luck and im looking forward to see how it turned out! :)

Already printed all the parts, it misses the base only :) will post it once finished. Inside I think I will paint manually. Thank you for the great design.

I tried Slicing the back of the car but after 2 days, I stopped it cause I wanted to print something else. Is this normal?

No. Slicing should not take 2 days...
Cura needs about 1 minute for the back.

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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The back_trans.stl is "amazingness" detailed! :D great job!

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Great stuff!!.... could you tell me what scale this is please?

I'm currently printing this, it is amazing the amount of detail you have put in! It is terrific!
I'm having a few problems with the doors though mainly the little internal window frame, removing the supports for that seems to be very difficult without breaking the frame

Removing some of the supports was a pain in the a....
I broke on of them too and had to glue it with superglue.

Maybe you can use a hot knife to cut it through.

What a great job!! Thanks a lot to share it with us

Thank you! You are welcome!

Amazing!!! Thanks for this great model.

You are welcome!

Лучшая в своём роде! Молодец!

Спасибо мой друг!

This... this is impresive.... congratulations...