Backlash - 1lb combat robot

by clingmanr Oct 10, 2018
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Is there any way to get the files in STEP format? I've basically sworn off Fingertech Silver Sparks after having had a 50% failure rate from the manufacturer with them (and after talking to a few other builders at Hickory Bot Battles, apparently I'm not the only one having issues), so I've switched to Kitbots 500RPM ant motors. However, these have much shorter output shafts and thus can't be used with the Fingertech pillow blocks. I'd have to modify the design so that the motors are held in with a captured mount if I were to build one, and my CAD software does NOT like STLs.

I added a STEP file of the body for you.

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Have you spun this robot up yet? I was curious if you had any video footage of it in action either in a test box or competition. It looks awesome and I'm considering building one up to compete this summer.

Unfortunately I haven't taken any more videos since uploading these files, but I do have a test video of a slightly older version of the design.


If you're looking for competition videos, I've competed with it under the name Someone Else's Problem. This is the version that I came up with after the last competition to hopefully fix any shortcomings that I saw in the competition.

Awesome, thanks! This will be my first attempt at bot building/competing, I appreciate you uploading these to give it a first go.

can I just print the blade for a lego project? of o could attach It to my lego thing similar, that would be great.

The blade is not my design, it is an off the shelf product. You can buy it or find the file here:

Is there a precise way to drill the 12 holes in the "wheel shield"?

Some very good ideas were used in this design,

The UHMW plastic was fairly translucent at that thickness, so I just held it up to the frame and marked where the holes lined up. I'll try to make up a stencil and upload it tonight.

hey building your bot now, but the o-ring is way to small, the one you said to get is 2" id. it more then 3" just from pully to pully. any idea of the size you meant to link? thank you

ill just get some 1/8" Urethane belt but others might want to know

Nope, 2" ID is what I intended to put in there, it is what is currently on my own bot sitting on my workbench. I originally started with the 2.5" ID belts, but when I watched it all spin during bench testing the centrifugal force actually started to stretch the belt out and make it a bit loose on the pulleys. Since I didn't want to have issues with the drive belt coming off during a competition, I went down a size to the 2" ID belts. It takes a bit of force to stretch it out to get it around the motor pulley, but it can stretch enough to get there. The 2.5" ID belts will fit without so much stretching, but I feel like they have a higher chance of falling off if you get hit just right during a match.

that's weird its 80mm from the far end of one pully to the other strait across that's more then 3" , did I miss something and not shrink down ?
ok I see what im doing here, ID that's strait across not around.

Nope, that sounds about right. I don't have the exact math in front of me, but the path around the pulleys is something like 8", and the circumference of the 2" ID belt is about 6.25". The company advertises the belts as being able to stretch 12-26%, this is just stretching the belt by about 30% instead. If you're not comfortable with stretching it that much you are free to go up to the 2.5" ID belt with its 7.85" circumference to get a belt that needs less stretching to go on.

awesome design id like to make one but the parts file will not open for me iv tried 3 different programs, could you add the parts list to the thing details tab

The parts list probably wouldn't format well for the details tab. I think the issue might be on your end, it's opening just fine for me on 2 different devices and 4 different apps. I'll try uploading it as a word document too if that helps.

Yeah it's a good chance it's just my computer it's old. Thanks a lot for the help

The parts file opens for me, if you've got chrome try the sheets app or any other excel viewer.

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