Ender 3 Webcam mount

by aallensd Oct 10, 2018
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For anyone looking for a shorter version of this arm, I cut out a section. My IP Cam was too tall for a good view, so I figured this would help. Love the design overall though.


Ender 3 Webcam mount (short)

I have updated the model so no scaling required. Sorry about the delay.

crazy sizing on this dude. Looks great, but I'm not sure I trust cura's measurements.

Scaling has been updated. Thanks for the feedback.

No problem, thank you for the design :-)

for some reason when I run the STL's through Cura the Base is like very big scale, and the Arm is super tiny.....

Scaling has been updated. Thanks for the feedback.

thanks I grabbed them, going to give them a try tonight

Using the given scaling, I found the pieces are an extremely tight fit, to a point that they don't really work well as a hinge. I think the gaps where the hinge attaches to the base need widening slightly, but it will do for my purposes.

same observation here, the link broked when i tried to assemble them. I couldn't attach the webcam correctly, i will look for another solution

Printed great works for a Logitech C615 also...

Works great! Finally found something that works.

Love the mount and using it now.
I made a webcam mounting screw that works for this arm.

Webcam Mounting Screw 1/4"-20

I made a Pin which can be inserted to attach the arm to the base. It does not need scaled. It is a tight fit (I actually had to file a very small amount). Can insert it from the top. No need for screws or anything

For me, at 100%, this pin didn't quite fit. It was just a hair too big. I scaled it down to 95%, and it works perfectly.

Oh man. Well, I'm sorry it didn't work with no modification. I should have tried that, probably wouldn't have had to file at all. I'm glad it works for you though. Still saved a trip to the hardware store :D

what kind of webcam are you using with this? mine cant zoom out and due to that it's too close to the bed. not the best cam looking at cheap alternatives

I am using a Logitech C920.

your files are all over the place size wise..
Arm is WAY small..Base is the whole Ender 3 Build Plate -_-

Both parts are drawn in inches.
I had to scale both items up 2540%.

2540% is the perfect scale for these parts, cheers.

If you are using Cura, it will somtime automatically scale up to %10000 which would take up all of the build plate.

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I was tired of regular camera mounts that made camera mounting a pain! This webcam mount changed my life! Thanks aallensd!

This is awesome! Great build! Thank you!