CR10, Ender Logitech c920, c270, c310, c910 20/20 camera mount system

by FedorSosnin Oct 10, 2018
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will any of these mounts fit the c930e? i am getting this week and would like to use this design. Thanks!

One thing I find very useful about the available designs and the available design tools is being able to take parts of different designs and merging them together. Find a verified C930e mount, and splice the attachment part into the mounting design of your choice, and it will definitelly fit.

Hard to tell, but looks like the c930e is VERY similar to my c920. You can always print just the main mount and see if it works. Worst that can happen if it doesn't fit is the printing time of around 1 and half hours.

Thanks I appreciate it! I will try!

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do you think you coul do the "C920Mount-_2020.stl" with 45º in the base? and maybe in 2 peaces (with the 45º part separated) for easy print
thanks :D

I remixed @EasySol Camera mount https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3563228 For the Logitech C525 to work w this system, found https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3644068

C525 Holder
by EasySol
Logitech C525 Mount for adjustable mount system

It took me a lot longer than I’d like to admit to realize that the you need to reuse the metal brackets from the C920 and stick them in the printed mount. I was scratching my head for a while trying to figure out how the mount was supposed to attach to the camera. D’oh!

could you put a gopro type support?

Which mount should i use for the C310? Has anyone tried it and what's the method for getting the mount attached to the camera?

Anyone else have trouble with camera wobble/shake while printing?

I did with longer setups. It shakes a bit still but nothing that's affecting quality. Try finding a way to stop your printer from moving. I have mine on adjustable feet with a sticky on the bottom on a hard surface. That seems to work well. Its wobbling because the whole printing it moving from the steppers changing direction.

Yep you are right it is wobbling because of the steppers changing direction. I do have the ender 3 on these damping feet, but sure what else to do to reduce vibration. It sits on a flat table.


Ender 3 Damping Feet

Sounds like the dampening feet are allowing the printer to wobble to reduce noise. You’d need it to be solid. ;)

Thanks perhaps I'll try remove it and see how I go

Just printed this on my Ender5. I think this camera set up would work best for it. Everything fits perfectly and locks perfectly. Thank you for sharing this great design.

No problem! Glad you are enjoying it.

How did you install it on your printer? I have an Ender 3 but it's really hard to remove the contorl cover out of the way

In the printer box there should of been a small bag of extra hardware. Find two bolts that match up to two channel nuts that fit into the 2020 extrusion. You should be able to just tighten it down and attach the mount that way. If you'd like, check the remixes section for my LED light attachment, there I included a mount that requires no hardware and you can clip it on. Hope that helps.

Are these supposed to be extremely tight to twist lock?

I printed a few sets but have trouble tightening them enough to lock it's position. Would scaling the nut or bolt up or down possibly help?

No, they should be very easy to tighten. Have you printed and installed the spacers?

I have but I think I must have changed a setting without noticing because I printed a couple more this morning and they were a lot smoother.

My Ender 3 is beginning to look a lot like yours, lol. Just different colors :P Love your designs/remixes!


Thanks! Glad you like em.

Do I need to print out the ball parts with supports? And what orientation the parts should be printed out in?

No supports needed. Print with the ball end pointing up, threads down.

And how do I assemble the pieces together?? I can't figure out how to make the ball connect to the threaded parts

Holding the threaded end cap, put the ball piece through from the bottom. Then slide on the spacer and push it down into the threaded end cap. Finally, thread it all together. It should tighten up as you thread. Check out the pictures of it completed so you can see which order to do them in.

Thanks for the info! Also, what screws do I need for mounting the base mount part that goes into the side of the Ender 3?

I used some stock screws that came with my ender. However, if you check out my LED mount using this same system I made a hardware-less mount you can try. :)

Has anyone tried using the mounts with the c910? I'm not sure how to disassemble the webcam for mounting on this one.

Does not fit for the C910. Took me some hours to find that out. So why does he claim that its fit for the C910?

I don't have a 910 on hand, however you should be able to find disassembly on the very similar 920 google.

Fixed! Thank you for catching that.

I love this design and I'm loading up Cura right now. However, my Ender 3 only came with one extra t-nut. Can you remix your mount to screw into the end plate by the control box using the two screws that are already there?

Check the remixes. I have a clip on version under the led mount remix and someone else remixed the mount for exactly what you are looking for. Although, my original design has oval holes for this purpose. ;)

The location of the holes do fit the holes of the control box - however the holes are to small for the screws of the control to fit. you know just FYI ;-)

Great. I'm already printing it out. Thanks.

im finding the mount2 doesnt fit the c270. its a bit too tight and the mounting mounts break super easy. any chance you can edit so it is one piece?

Hmm. I do not have a c270 on hand but shoot me some photos and I can try to make some tweaks.

+1 for C270 -> "end mount" please take a look at this STL: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3142052

Ender 3 Logitech C270 snap-on mount
by jacobtc

Can you make it ?

Ok, I will take a look. If you look at the main photo in those files, it looks like even his is cracked. Maybe the hardware is too large?

How do you properly get the spacer over the ball part? I've tried with different infill percentages and print temperatures but the spacer always breaks. The spacer still works when its broken apart but I'd prefer to have nonbroken parts installed

I go under the ball and around the shaft. Wow that sounds....anyway, the spacer just pops right in that way. Going over the ball would deff stress it too far and crack the spacer in half.

Just printing this so thank you in advance but also for probably the best comment I've seen on Thingiverse right here!

Was this really printed at 0.02mm resolution on an Ender 3 or is that a typo?

If it isn't a mistake, is it possible to print this without issue on a stock Ender 3?

That is totally a typo. Oops. A stock Ender will have no problem printing at .2mm.

What screws/nuts & bolts did you use to attach the mount to the frame?

M3x16 works if you want to use the print to hold the threads or M3x20 (maybe even the next size up if you want to use a nyloc nut) if you want to put a nut on it.

Good question. I used the two extra m5 bolts and T-nuts that came with the printer to attach the mount and the camera hinge is using a 1" m3 bolt for the main pivot.

Thanks. And Yeah, I just paid attention to the camera, how DO you access the camera hinge to screw it to the 3D printed part?

You have to take the camera apart a bit. If you have a c920 that is. There are 4 screws under the stickers on the bottom of the camera. Followed by two caps that will then be popped off. Taking them off exposes 4 screws that hold the glass that hovers the lens. Once that is off you will see the hinge you take off and transfer to the printed part. Then screw them back on, screw on the glass, pop on the sides, screw those on and you should be ready to mount the camera. Sounds like a lot but there are a few videos online and once you peel the stickers off the cam, you will see what needs to come off.

wow. pretty elaborate. Thanks for the explanation I did finally manage to get it apart.

Nice! Glad it worked. :)

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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You are very welcome. Enjoy.