Solder paste and flux Dispenser

by Perinski Oct 10, 2018
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Hello, I have just watched a few of your clips. I like your designs very much and the attention to detail

One question I do have about the glues you are using. I've seen epoxy and transparent UV curing glue, but I am interested in the glue from the little bottle you are applying with the brush that you have used to combine the two halves of this dispenser body. What glue is it?
I have not yet found a thin glue that really works with printed parts, and it seems that this one does.

It is a dichloroethane solvent. But be careful with it - it is very harmful to the respiratory tract.

Thanks for the warning and thanks for the info. I have just read the safety sheet and I do not want to get near that stuff, but it is good to know that it works if I do not find anything similarly applicable and less dangerous.

you can work a ventilated room

Why keep sharing bad non working models? Just replace the original ones. If this is attempt to boost popularity to the model and donations, its a bad one.

All printers are different and print differently. Some models require clearance for subsequent fitting of children. For this, a model was created for subsequent refinement. Everyone who wanted to - has long done and enjoys. At the request of other people, a year later I made it with tolerances without modification, and also laid out, I reported this in the description.

gorgeous design. but don't print this cuz of that.

this is not a Ready-to-Use model.

you'll gonna waste more time for grinding than printing time itself.

i think auther should warn people in front page.

+1 waste of time.
printed on Elegoo mars SLA so dimensional accuracy isnt a factor... parts arent even close to fitting. the threads are fine but the thread groove doesnt fit, not even remotely close....
looked so promising.. but again, totally useless....

The archive has long been an updated model. the blind will not see...

And the stupid will leave the original non working files boldly on the files tab while hiding the working ones in a separate zip file...
just sayin.......

stupid people are not interesting to me, your opinion is also. create better, but you're not capable of it :) I looked at your work. it is a complete primitivism and lack of taste, it says about you that you yourself are nothing. to criticize - you need to be yourself at least somewhat better :) and you are nothing. and what did you forget here? go where you were going ... until I indicated specifically where :)

Waste of time.

waste of time.

эта модель не для рукожопых :) я больше трачу время, когда обращаю внимание на такие комментарии...

I after all showed on video that processing is necessary. I always modify printed parts.

will this adapter work as well?


Luer lock adpter

if it is made according to the standard then yes

I always think why such shit models are present on Thingiverse?)
Is this a shit store?

You waste all your time coz models are shit, and your "nadelfeile work" will take more time than printing itself) And it will not works as expected after that)

Coz there are no understanding about how things works, size-to-size, no corrections on material properties)

And "please do the donation") Dude, are you serious?)

Good day. The model is beautiful, pleasant, but a very strong discrepancy between the stem and the body is very puzzling. What kind of glue do you use?

Due to the details of the position of the part when printing, my printer would make a very inaccurate part. Therefore, I created a model without tolerances, for further refinement using a nadelfeile. Glue is a solvent dichloroethane.

Thx for the answer, mb I will do a remix.


1) What is the metallic connector for?

2) And it seems that this is designed for a specific syringe?

Thank you

This transitional coupling for pumping flux or paste. Lurer's lock syringes are used. These are syringes for dispensers, they are all mostly with locks

Thanks for the info! The use of the coupling makes perfect sense. Now, on the syringes... I found this:


So I guess the 10 mL would be the right one?

And the plunger, you just use the one that comes with the syringe, right?

Thanks again!

(Just got to watch the NICE video you put together!! )

There are many other ways to fill a syringe. Just with the clutch is the easiest.

10CC Dispensing Machine Syringe - https://amzn.to/2SBEUs3 (These are the most common syringes)

yes, the plunger is standard

HAHAHA!! Wrong syringe!!!!!

Cool, thank you once more. On to print the parts!!

Nice design, tho I had to cut the notches quite a bit to get the threaded rod running. The grooves are way too small or notches too big(see attached file)

I made it so that after sharpen. Then you can achieve the perfect fit.

Is it possible to connect? I took the time to print ...

I can give the source solidworks if you want

Comments deleted.

Thanks a lot for files sir Perinski ;)

No thanks. I used the dremel and the file. I'm just wondering how you assembling and the four repeaters?