Y Carriage Plate for Creality Ender 3 with 3-point Leveling for Heated Bed

by gulfcoast_robotics Oct 11, 2018
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Hey, I'm thinking on 3D printing the bar part. Would using PETG be a good material to print out the bar?

Since the 3-point leveling bar mounts against the heated bed, it depends on what plastics you will be printing in the future. PETG has a glass transition temperature of 80C (when it goes from hard to soft), so that would be fine for PLA bed temps (normally 60C or less) and low PETG printing temps. ABS has a glass transition temperature of 105C, so that may be a better option if you're printing PETG often.

If you're using higher bed temperatures, you may just want to consider cutting it out of wood. Otherwise, you can always just buy the kit from us, which is made of 3mm thick aluminum and comes with the Y carriage plate, 3-point leveling bar and mounting hardware.

if the DXF file is still available for personal use , it would be much appreciated , i want to have one cut for my Ender 3 here in Slovenia . thank you !

Just got these parts with no installation instructions or web link to them. Googled it and this post came up. It was very helpful. Thanks for posting.

Hi there :) was wondering if could grab the DXF file. also for personal use.
Thank you
Nathan T.

Couldn't you accomplish the same thing with just two of the bars? Attach one to the build plate as shown and another to the existing Y-carriage?

I do believe you are correct sir, You would just use 2 Bars and the stock Y carriage. I would suggest aluminum and not printed.

I'm gonna have them laser cut out of 10ga mild steel, I think.

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I would be really happy about the DXF file....

Thank you

hello,is there any possibility to have the dxf file for the parts for personal use because i cannot convert the stl in the right way.
it has so many polygons and it messes up process of making good and usable dxf file.
thanks in advance :)

did not receive any yet,i sent you my email address via private message

We resent files to correct address. Last time we missed first part of your email address before "dot"

This looks pretty neat indeed and is surprisingly inexpensive as well, just $24... If you live in the USA, that is. Shipping to Finland is $25 + taxes and duty bringing the total to roughly $60, ouch.
Any chances of finding a manufacturing partner from the EU?

We will be happy to find resellers in EU, manufacturing and delivery will be on us. We will guarantee very low cost even if delivered directly to any EU country (we do not count any VAT taxes), but q-ty must be more than 40 pcs per order. We can work with reliable partner in Europe, half of our staff are European people.

Still no partner in the EU? Really interested in the product, but as JohnEdwa said, it gets pricey once you add up all the costs.

Unfortunately we haven't had much luck establishing a relationship with any retailers in Europe as of yet. We've reached out to a number of possible companies, but only received a few initial responses and no real follow-up. We're currently looking at using Amazon's global listings instead, in hopes we can make these products more readily available overseas soon.

In the meantime, if there are any European retailers you regularly use, it may help to ask if they would considered carrying certain GCR products you're wanting to purchase. Having their customers express an interest could get the wheels moving faster, where this is normally our incentive for designing / manufacturing / offering new products ourselves.