Pumpkin Ghost (multi-material remix)

by cipis Oct 12, 2018
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Your print looks awesome!! :D Love the pumpkin in red and the mix of materials looks great!

How's the MMU V2? I'm expecting my beginning of November, but I've been hearing a lot of complaining about it. Not that it worries me, I put up with the V1 for a year, built up a tolerance, haha

Many of these people are not very talented at building, troubleshoot or solve problems. Or they do not have the patience required or are not the types who find probelm solving rewarding or enjoyable. I completely ignore them. People have completely unrealistic expectations of the level of work it is to build and keep a complex 3d printer operating. I have no tolerance for these people and their consistent griping. They need to find another hobby if they can't handle it.

The MMU V1 printed remarkably reliably for me until recently. With a little bit of resolve I was able to fix it. Most people don't have the resolve or the talent to solve these problems so they just run to online forums to complain. Constructive criticism is one thing but the comments I see most of the time are mind numbing.

I cannot think of a worse job than to deal with 3d printing whiners as service/support for a 3d printing company. The stuff I have seen absolutely boggles my mind. I once saw someone using blue tape over their PEI surface on a genuine Prusa i3 MK2. :facepalm:. If you just want things to work then buy what you need, don't print it. These are complex machines that will always require some level of talent and patience to operate.

Thanks! I was looking for a pumpkin. The ghost is nice to have as well!