Geeetech A10 LCD Case

by CaptainGrumpy Oct 12, 2018
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A few things are off or just a bit difficult to work.

I made the rounded edge leg mount version.
It was impossible to connect the top screws from the rear of the cover to the top. One (the top left screw) was a printing error by my machine that made the threads fail to accept the screw. The other is blocked by the leg mount piece. As others have mentioned the ribbon cord slot is not aligned with the cord but that is easily worked out with a little trimming. My 2018 A10 has 4 holes in the leg rail end so it fit fine, One hole was just a tiny bit off but eventually I was able to get both screws in by leaving both loose until they could be aligned to tighten.

Overall I am pleased with the look and function.
This build makes it easier to place the SD card without looking. I'm also glad to be rid of the Chinese lettering.
Thanks for this space saving build.

Thanks for the info.
I have made a couple of changes to the files based on your (and other feedback).

  1. Increased the size of the ribbon cable space a little and added a bevel. I didn't move it per say as it fits mine perfectly. Good old quality control and a 100 and 1 versions I suppose. I am very easily able to change the location of any components if the distances are provided.
  2. Changed the mounting structure for the back cover to the attachment. I have made it so that the LCD can be mounted and enclosed, the mount screwed to the frame and then using 2 M4x8 screws (again I can change this if people have a preference) you can join the components from the bottom.
  3. Minor changes to the top and bottom to improve alignment, cosmetic for the most part. Added the fourth LCD mounting screw.

I do apologise for taking so long to update the file and any issues these errors might have caused anyone.

Hello Captain, thank you for Sharing.
I build one too, but they seem to have iteration on the PCB design.
So the Display connector does not fit. Could you share Raw file
Thanks thomas

Jigsaw :)
The easiest way to edit would have been/would be to import into TinkerCAD and make a rectangle hole the size you need in the appropriate location.
The Fusion360 file is pretty messy as I didn't go in with much of a plan. If you still want it send me a message and I will give you a link.

Hello CaptainGrumpy,

because of its position and mouning angle my destructive solution is no problem.
But your tip with Tinkercad is gold worth for other projects. I didnt know that it is possible to edit G-Code Files before.

Thank you for that tip, and for sharing your Project as well.



A jigsaw did the trick :)

Comments deleted.

Only one problem with this design is the A10 side where the original mount is does not have thread holes in the position you place the screws that are supposed to hold it to the printer. See screen shot. I was however able to mount it on the other side

Thanks for the information.
I checked mine and there is threading there, put could have been me just doing the screws up.
I might have a look at the file and see if I can change it easily enough.