Ultimate Frame bracing, Anet A8 and more

by BlackDogCarbonFiber Oct 15, 2018
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Hi guys...
Well, I got to the end of phase #02 regarding upgrading my anet machine and was quite happy with it aesthetically, but after reducing the vibration down by dampening it with these printed feet, I soon realized I'd messed up by adding them! grgrgr.... My prints are terrible and it shows throughout, so I'm gonna have to take them back off to regain stability in the machine. I'm still getting used to all of this tinkering, but 9 months down the line and I'm sick of all of the teething problems I still run into. But overall, I have learned a huge amount and am almost ready to take this machine to the next level phase #03. But before I do, I've seen your mods and realized that this is exactly what I will need to do to my machine, so thanks for posting. Will incorporate both collections of parts to my own and now I can use Tinkercad, I will probably customize the parts to my own specifications as I did notice, that some of my existing upgrades will obstruct the supporting rods. So, I will need to think about that too whilst I am sorting it out. I was going to call the next upgrade (phase #03) 'The Anet-A/Squared, but it's hardly a square if I use your triangular design mods, so I think I will skip that idea and just refer to it as phase #03. After this, it's time to build my own machine because of all the tweaking this machine needs to reach a decent and competent level, plus I still need a machine to be able to print the parts I will need in the future!
so thanks again to you both... I'm looking forward to increasing the speed too as well as increasing the bed size to 200x500mm. ;-)
All I can say is, watch this space, as I will be uploading some of the printed parts that I have either custom designed or simply designed as a novelty for this machine and for myself.
Pictures are of the frikkin vibration dampener that I placed under my machine, which works brilliantly, but they also allow the A8-frame to twist, so I will have to place them (under) the baseboard next when I've done the modifications to your custom design. And I only added them to avoid my neighbor below from complaining she could hear it printing through the hard floor.....
The link is for the vibration dampener if you are interested in them??? I didn't use tennis balls, I reduced them down in scale and used rubber bouncy balls 27mm diameter instead hehe......
Watch this space......... https://www.thingiverse.com/Monosscema/about

Vibration and Noise dampener

Thanks! Your printer is coming along great!

Installed this on my nearly stock standard A8 and it made a huge difference. Can now print at almost 2 x the speed . Thanks for all your hard work.
PS. I moved the front braces to the back as they were in my way a bit. Still works well.

I agree, faster print speed quality is double the quality. I found the front braces were in the way slightly too so this option to replace the left and right top pieces might work better for some people. Be sure to post your make too.

Ultimate Frame Brace, Anet a8 (no drilling needed)

Lordy, that's a lot of all-thread! Honestly, I am considering sourcing some turnbuckle/swaged tubing from the circle track crowd instead.

Scored a deal on red Hatchbox, didja?

Nice work, some of this may end up on my CR10.