Fortnite Pistol with Silencer

by Jace1969 Oct 13, 2018
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Thank you Jace. A plug would really help the assembly process.

Great model. Thank you. What is the slit in the middle for? There seems to be a piece missing to assemble the split parts?

Just a fault in the design and infill support will hide that away. Cheers Jace

where can i find the mask that is in the second picture

Are you referring to this one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3157929 ?

Fortnite High Stakes Wild Card Mask Print Ready

i was, thank you

remix removed as per your demand. theres no need to add a no derivative license . . not every1 has the same tools as you at their disposal. thanks for separating the files. ill think twice before attempting to save other users and yourself the hassle when your integrity is on the line

https://imgur.com/a/1N7qEbw context


When I load the guns file in Cura, the size is 205 x 280 mm.
How can you print the model on a 200 x 200 printer ?

best regards

Ahhh, you have to rotate it till it fits on the bed ; )

I have an Ender 3 with dimesions 235x235mm and rotate but I can´t fit it.

Yo las tuve que separar en blender para que cupieran en la cama

Utilizo Windows 10 gratis, 3DBuilder incorporado, hago todo mi corte y separación

I see, but I too don't understand what's going on there. Accept I use simplfy3D and when I dump it into there and rotate it a little it fits on my 200 x 200 I'd suggest you reduce it a fraction to fit, cheers Jace

I want to make it, resolution and infill?

:D thanks!

I made these on my 200 x 200 Wanhao 1st Gen I3, 4mm nozel 0.2 , 10%infil with homemade ABS and an enclosure, coded by Simplify3D

If you can, I'd make them bigger, as they fit my 10 & 12 year olds hand perfectly, but I cant get my finger "as an Adult" through the trigger, Cheers Jace