Servo controlled nozzle cleaning brush

by alexflin Oct 14, 2018
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Unlike the rest of the comments, I NEED this. Since I've started printing all PETG I've been having a ton of problems with the nozzle getting covered during the heating process. I've been reaching in with a pair of needle nose pliers and cleaning it that way, but it's super annoying to have to do that every time. It's going to be a while before I'll be able to make this change, but I'll post my make once I do!

is the PETG oozing out of the nozzle during warm-up? Or is it oozing out on top of the nozzle, i.e. leaking? I print a lot in PETG but I haven't had that problem.
And it is covering the nozzle, you say? How is that possible , isn't it just oozing straight down? Or do you extract a bit and it curls up against the nozzle? In that case you nozzle is partially blocked/clogged.

The PETG is oozing out during warm-up. Most of it oozes straight down, but some of it curls back up (not while extracting) and covers the nozzle. This is made worse if it's heating up close to the bed, because then it clumps up in place. I have a E3D V6 hotend, and I don't believe there are any blockages. This only happens for me with PETG, not PLA or ABS. Once it starts printing I have no issues and my prints turn out great (except for bridging, still trying to figure out how to improve that).

Do I need one ? Nope,,,
Am I going to make one ? Yep,,,
Nice little gizmo there,,, going to try and re-do one for the A8,,,
Why? if you don't need one,, I ( I hear you ask ) Because it just cool that's why

LOL, thanks for the comment

I've never really needed a Nozzle cleaner, however, this set-up really wants me to make one.

It's well thought-out and It seems to work really well, maybe its time 3D Printer makers added this as standard to all 3D Printers, though I know some have started to.

Thanks and awesome work.

thanks for your nice comments.........normally at start I extrude some mm and use a tweeter to remove the excess......now I can be lazy....

I don't need this but I love it. Good work :)

sorry should be fixed now