ANET A8 Black Diamond Bowden (E3D V6) Upgrade

by egmaluyo Oct 14, 2018
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So I'm having trouble with print cooling from the 40mm fan at the back. Lots of sagging on basically any overhang over 30 degrees. Have you had this problem?

Egmaluyo, thank you very much for the good work! Successes to you and all the best! Respectfully!

Wonderful design! Great design! With great pleasure I repeated your work! But ... there was a problem ... It turned out that the distance between the centers of the carriage axles in my printer is 46 mm ... I had to bore the lower bearing seat, fill it with plastic and then make a hole for the lower bearing on the milling machine ... After finishing everything works just great! Can you make a carriage model with a distance between the centers of the axes of 46 mm? I think this will be useful to many owners of Anet a8. Respectfully!

I didn't know there are Anet A8 with x axis bars that have a distance of 46mm. Normally 45mm. I have created a carriage and a x-axis motor holder with end stop for you with axes holes of 46mm distance . just download the below attached . Cheers!

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Very clean design. Great fan integration. I like it.

I really like the clean design and fan integration. What bearings are you using for the carrier? Stock Anet or something else?

LM8LUU Linear Ball Bearing (Stock Anet).

I just pulled the stock bearings out of the old carriage and they are so loose they fall out. Any version that's more similar to the Prusa that has the zip tie slots to hold the bearings in place?

Hi Mate,

Thanks for your interest on this ANET A8 Black Diamond Bowden upgrade.

I have no issue of using the new LM8LUU I purchased on ebay. This is the same bearings fitted on anet a8 stock carriage. Anyway, I adjusted the bearing holder size to 0.05mm smaller in diameter for you. Just download the carriage stl again.

On this design, I don’t want any zip tie to hold the bearing as this should slide smoothly and without friction as possible on the x-axis rods. The grip of the carriage to hold the bearings should be enough.

I will create a rear cable holder as shown on the photos for everyone and will upload it once completed.

Good design !how about the bltouch offset seting?

Z Offset is (-00.39) using a cheap black chinese 3d Touch.