Tabletop Condition Indicators

by thelukec Oct 16, 2018
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Don´t know if to brazenly but can you add "Blink" and "Beacon of Hope" ?


Sorry for the delay- they are up now! Thanks for the suggestions.



Sorry for my delay:
Thanks a lot ^^

Printed these on 0,2 and 60 speed on a out of the box Ender 3 (small kid so printing time is very limited and we need a lot of different ones for our 7 player party), so far they are looking awesome!

Really glad to hear it! Glad you like them, happy gaming :)

These are fantastic! I had my printer running pretty much non-stop this weekend and printed over a hundred of them and my group loved them :D

Could you possibly add a ring for the "dodging" condition? My group's monk often uses Patient Defense to take the Dodge action, and a condition ring to keep track of that would be really helpful :)


There's also the Ready action that lets you ready an attack or spell to trigger on a specified circumstance during the next round. A ring to keep track of who has "readied" something would be great :)


Hey, thanks so much! I'm glad to have occupied so much printer time :).

Sorry for the delay, but I've now added a "DODGING" and "READY" ring, thanks for the suggestions!

Cheers and happy gaming,


Thanks for adding them! They will come in handy :D

These are awesome. I tried to use the Blender template to create one for Shield of Faith, but it didn't look the same. I guess I just need to learn how to tweak the settings. Anyway, thanks for these. I can print three in about 30 minutes on my Photon S.

Hey, thanks so much! I thought I'd uploaded Shield of Faith- it should be available now, see if it will work for you.

Also, I've never seen these printed in resin- it'd awesome to see a Make if you have the time down the line!

I did have some of the letters break off the rings. So as an improvement option I would suggest moving the letters inward, so the top of the letters touch the inside of the ring.

This way, the letters are incorporated into the ring and will not break off. This does require that the letters stick up from the ring, but this is the version I chose to print anyways.

Another bonus is that they would not take up as much extra space and it would be easier to see when to change the filament, while printing them as two-colored.

Hi there,

Thanks for the input. However, if you are having letters break off the rings, you can almost certainly fix that in your slicer settings- see some other comments here, as well as a comment I've quoted in the Description page. When I print these, I can apply a fair amount of force to the letters and see flexing in the ring itself- if you can't do that, your slicer settings need some tweaking. I've never had a letter detach on my prints.

For changing the filament, I wouldn't recommend doing it by eye anyway- use a post-processing script to insert a pause at the desired layer.


Saw them on CR and they are sooo cool, can't wait to print some!! Hey I was wondering if you could post a colour chart of what colour you use for what because I love the look of them on CR and in the photos! Keep up the awesomeness!!

We're catching up with CR so saw them last week. New to printing and found them here i was like wooooooow awesome!!! Definitly going to make our DM with a party of 6-7 soooo happy with these. Thank you for the work!!! They are awesome!

Hey, thanks so much. Really glad you like them, happy gaming!

These are GREAT! Saw them on Critical Role and just found them here. Thanks so much for sharing! Since I see you've added a few new ones based on requests, I'd like to ask for an "IMMOBILIZED" indicator. I play in both 5e and 4e D&D games and immobilized is a very common status in the 4e game (our Dwarf Fighter just hates that condition as he is optimized for charging). Thanks again!

Hey, thanks so much, glad you like them! I would've sworn I'd already done immobilized, but it's up for sure now! Thank you for the suggestion.

Wow! That was quick turnaround! I really appreciate it! If you want to round out the 4e conditions, it would be nice to see "Weakened" and "Marked" as well. There is also an ongoing damage condition that is fairly common in 4e, but there are so many variations in regards to amount and type of damage that I think trying to create all the permutations would be somewhat redundant. Maybe just a generic "Ongoing" or "Ongoing Damage", if you don't mind (hopefully I'm not sounding ungrateful, because I really do appreciate what you've created here!).

Not at all ungrateful, I really appreciate the suggestions. Those new are up, have a look at the ONGOING and see if it seems alright.

Fantastic! Thanks so much!!! By the way, I've finally found a use for all the sample PLA color bundles I got for a previous project that ended up not being enough to use for that project.

Nice definitely going to print. Would be cool also to have them as number markets, upto 24 or 36, for those larger battles with lots of minis! Orc #12 took 10 damage but is still kicking, that kind of tracking.

Hey thanks, glad you like them. Numbers 1-10 are currently available- if you think those large battles happen frequently enough that it would be worthwhile, I could definitely do more numbers. Alternatively, I could just add a "0" (zero) ring so that people could combine the number rings to make whatever number they want- what do you think?

Thats a great Q! Discussing with my gaming group now to see. I just printed a bunch of these to give them a test run. Our DM thought they might be handy even to just track damage right on the figure on the table... though I'm not sure if that would end up being so many rings the figures become encumbered and fall prone :)

These are great! I made a couple of my own using your blender template and those have worked out well for me.

I'm sometimes having trouble with the letters falling off when I remove from the printer bed, and I was wondering if you could make another blender template of the extruded version with a solid ring base underneath where the letters would go, like an aura all the way around to better hold them. It shouldn't affect them fitting into any of the carriers.

Hey there, glad you like the rings and glad you were able to make a few of your own!

I'm definitely willing to do that if need be, although my guess is that the outer edge where the letters and the 'aura' end will look a little ragged since the letters do not have a rounded bottom edge. However, you're not the first person to have this issue with letters popping off, and it usually comes down to the slicer people have been using. I use Cura, and there is absolutely no way for the letters to fall off- they are completely embedded in the ring itself and rock solid. I can pull and twist the letters, and the whole ring deforms rather than the letters coming off. If you are using Slicer3D, there was a workaround posted by a user that apparently works:

For anyone slicing this in S3D who have found that the letters aren't attached to the ring, I've found a quick solution.

With the models loaded in S3D in the spot you want them printed in, go the menu bar at the top and click Mesh > Separate Connected Surfaces. This will separate the letters from the ring in the model itself, but maintain their position on your bed. No need to spend hours fixing each mesh with Netfabb or anything like that.

If you've tried this, or if you just want to be able to make text with 'floating' elements (like hyphens or something) let me know and I can put up the ring with an aura base.


I'm using s3d. I've tried with and without the separation with similar results. I'll see if I can get cura installed (it's a work machine and I'm already pushing my luck). I'll also try a couple only using the extruded template and see if that helps.

Ah ok, that's too bad! I have yet to find a quick and easy solution to solve the issue in the first place on my end that doesn't involve programs other than Blender. If you can't get Cura, no worries- I can definitely make the template like you requested. I just may not be able to do so for the next few days.

I've been testing with the faerie fire marker. I'm not seeing the letters overlap with the ring at all when I load up the outward or the extruded one in meshmixer or in s3d, but it looks okay in blender. They overlap correctly when I use your extruded template in blender to make the text myself. Very weird. I'm getting access to netfabb, so that might be the best solution for me.

Just for comparison to the slicer output you're getting- this is what sliced FAERIE FIRE looks like to me- you can see that the inner wall in green actually extends into the letters themselves where there is sufficient volume.

I'm not sure how to see that type of view on what I have available (s3d, meshmixer, netfabb), but I tried the netfabb desktop app repair and the online repair service. I'm not seeing any obvious changes on-screen, but I'll try a print of the repaired stl later today to see if there's any change in the printed result. I'm very new to all of this, but I've gotten various other prints to come out okay so I can rule out things like bed leveling, etc.

Right- the layer view can be very useful before printing to check for any gaps or other artifacts. Apparently in S3D you can do File -> Preview Gcode, but I've never used the software so who knows. I hope your print turned out!

It printed fine once I repaired on Netfabb! Thanks!

The printer was in use today so I didn't get to try it. I'll try again tomorrow. Thanks for the s3d tip!

That's very strange, you're right! I'm pretty sure I've printed a FAERIE FIRE, so I'm not sure what's going on there- I'll double-check that there isn't a problem with that specific stl (it's happened before, and it'll happen again I'm sure). Are there others with which you've had the same problem?

This is utterly amazing and I'm working on a set for my table, it's great that it's so easy to customize for what spells your specific group uses! Any chance you could add a "cursed" effect ring??

Thank you so much, really glad you like them! CURSED should be up, thanks for the suggestion.

Hi! I love this creation! I play Starfinder, and while I noticed this is for DnD5e, I was wondering if I could perhaps trouble you for a few conditions?

Bleeding, Cowering, Dazzled, Dying, Entangled, Fascinated, Fatigued, Off-kilter, Off-target, and Pinned?

Great idea! This page is getting so jam-packed I made a Starfinder-specific Thing. Thanks for the suggestion.

Starfinder condition rings

So firstly, thank you for creating these. They look amazing, and are perfect for my gaming table. I've printed out bunches of then and am looking forward to using them.

That being said, I did want to ask if you could do spell effects for "Witch Bolt", "Sun Beam", "Moon Beam", "Polymorphed" and "Eye Bite" Spells? I can certainly use the general "Spell Effect" for these if not, but it'd be some handy additions for 5e playes if so.

Thank you so much. These are truly amazing.

That's very kind of you! Feel free to let me know if you come across any other spells that need a specific status. Happy gaming!

Hey thanks, glad you like them! Thanks for the suggestions, they should be up now.

Could you make a more general PROTECTED ring for Protection from Evil and Good & Protection from Energy?

Done, should be up! Thanks for the suggestion.

Thank you so much!

Love em, cant stop printing them. But do you have, or could you make 1/2 and 2/3 cover indicators. I always forget about that too without something tipping me off.

Hey there, glad you like the rings! Thanks for the suggestions- I've put up some 1/2 cover and 3/4 covers (named 2_cover and 4_cover, confusingly). Is 2/3 cover needed as well?


Would it possible to put on the AC bonus for the 2/3 & 1/2 cover status rings at all please? I always forget to calculate the new AC with cover

Thanks for the suggestion- I put up some alternate versions that say +5AC or +2AC- have a look!

Lol, no. I’m an idiot. Thanks for providing the RAW cover

Ha! You never know, there are so many systems out there there's probably a 2/3 cover in use somewhere. Cheers!

Hey! I saw these on CR and they are absolutely the best out of all of the ones I’ve seen. I don’t have access to a 3D printer is there any way I can purchase a set from you?

Hi, I have no idea of 3D printing design, but would it be easy to shrink these to fit a smaller diameter? We use small pawns for monsters in our group ( like Discount Learning Supplies 100 Assorted Game Pawns - 10 Colors - 10 of Each Color https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ED4JQYO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_JmSHCbSA84NYJ) and would love to use these with them.

YOUR WORK IS AWESOME btw. Thank you!

Hey thanks, I'm glad you like the rings! The easiest way to shrink these would be to just do so in the slicer software- just scale them down as appropriate. However, you would have to pay close attention to the letter widths- as is, most of my letters print at at least two walls thick with a 0.4 mm nozzle. I haven't tested any scaled down to fit the minis you've linked, but it's worth just trying in the slicer to see if it makes them too fragile!

If alternatively you're looking for slightly smaller rings, but the same-sized text- that I could probably do with a script (and post to a different Thing) but I'm not sure at the moment when I'd be able to get to it!

Yeah slightly smaller ring size, same font size would be the way to go. I'll try downloading a slicer and figuring it out. However I'll keep an eye if in case you get to it! Whatever you need I'll try to help (though I highly doubt you can use my help).

We are using your rings nonetheless and the players are loving them. Seriously thank you so much.

Sounds good- do let me know if it doesn't pan out that way. I would recommend Cura just because it's the only thing I've tried, it's intuitive, and it does not need any further tweaking to keep the letters connected to the rings themselves.

Good luck!

Just wanted to say thanks for the great design. Also, I printed, painted, and sent a set to Matt Colville and The Chain - https://youtu.be/Y3jZgnAdt2M?t=5420

Ah, beat me to it.

Im one of the licensed sellers (Viridian Gaming Supplies) of these rings and it was on my to-do list to get him a set :D Thank you for that!

Side note: Thought his campaign started pretty slow/weird but has really been picking up lately in Capital.

Whaaaat that's so cool!!! I've watched a bunch of his DM-oriented videos,! Crazy. Thank you, glad you like the rings!

Hey all, know this has probably been asked a ton, but how many condition modifiers fit into one of the bulk storage square boxes? I've got a large group and need to print 10 of each condition modifier, (just in case), and storing them 12 at a time is going to be pretty hard to manage. Wondering if there is an even larger case I can put these things in?

Great question- I have not tested the boxes as was done in this make, but I intended the "bulk storage" box to hold about 6 rings per tube, or 24 rings. I made that before getting the idea for the tube storage. I'm a little time limited at the moment, so I can't make a version with more tubes- but I am uploading a deeper version right after posting that should (untested) carry about 15 rings per vertical tube, or about 60 rings per case- look for that in the files section. Otherwise, the only remix at the moment that stores more of them is a great remix by mpfennell that puts 4 of the trays together.

D&D Condition Indicators 4 grove box
Tabletop Condition Indicators
Comments deleted.

These condition markers are awesome! Took me a while to find them after seeing them on CR :)
However, I had a small issue - after printing a bunch I noticed, that the letters seemed to be falling off ery easily (sometimes just when removing the print from the bed. I then took a closer look at the slicer output of simplify3d and it seems as if the letters are printer very close to the ring, but not melded with the ring. So I did a simple test - I used "make solid" function of meshmixer and compared the results with the originals - it seems that my guess was correct; something in your files makes at least simplify3d slicer think that the letters are not a solid object with the ring. Please see the attached image - it is one sliced layer of the "concentrating" condition - on the left is the original file, on the right is the one after "make solid" in meshmixer. You will notice that there is a slight gap between the ring and letters on the left object, whereas in the case of the right object, the ring and the letters are melded together (my first test prints have confirmed much stronger bond between the letters and the ring, I had to throw away the first prints of original files). It is not an issue for me anymore as I fixed all the files I need with meshmixer, but just something that might be nice to fix to help others who use simplify3d.

Edit: P.S. meshmixer also identified part of the F in frightened-extruded file as erroneous (probably non-manifold or such), microsoft 3d builder was able to fix it.

Hi there, glad you like them!

The issue you have identified has been brought up multiple times and has several solutions like meshmixer, as you've noted. Apparently this can be accomplished directly in Simplify 3D according to another user- Incurable's process is as follows:

For anyone slicing this in S3D who have found that the letters aren't attached to the ring, I've found a quick solution.

B. With the models loaded in S3D in the spot you want them printed in, go the menu bar at the top and click Mesh > Separate Connected Surfaces. This will separate the letters from the ring in the model itself, but maintain their position on your bed. No need to spend hours fixing each mesh with Netfabb or anything like that.

Due to the fact that my workflow for these rings involves a python script in Blender, I'm going to leave the rings as-is as I have limited time to figure out how to automate the process in meshmixer and sorting the files on Thingiverse is very tedious.

That said- I will definitely add the solution above to the description, I clearly should have done so a while back but it slipped my mind. Thanks for the reminder, and happy gaming!

Hi Luke, I printed some samples for my group this week and they raved about them - so impressed! Even got to use them in-game that night. We run a Pathfinder game, so there are conditions that are not quite covered by 5e. I tried playing around with the SCAD template you linked, but that's not as easy with a dabbler like me. Would love to complete my collection with the following, if you are so kind: Nauseated, Panicked, Shaken, Sickened ad Staggered. Yes, my poor players love it when they miss their Will saves lol. In the pic, yellow rings are yours, white is the SCAD template.

Hey there, so glad you and your group like the rings! I'm happy to make those statuses, thank you for the suggestions- I may not get to it for a day or two but it's on my to-do list.



Thank you so much! No rush at all.

Ok, sorry for the delay! They should be up and good to go. Let me know if there are any problems, and thanks again for the suggestions.

Thanks so much - really appreciate it! I made the 4-drawer case yesterday (10 hr print) and it came out well.

Awesome! It's a great remix, I'm so glad MPFennell made it. Happy gaming, let me know if you come up with other suggestions you'd like added.

is there a chance of making a bigger box with maybe 2 or 3 rows of 10-12?

Would mpfennell's remix do the trick for you?

D&D Condition Indicators 4 grove box

Exactly wat i wanted TYVM

You bet! Happy gaming.

I'm a complete newcomer to 3Dprinting and designing, but I wanted to learn how to rename the template to different things as I need the conditions to be in German. Is there any way someone could just make a short video (or, if it already exists, point me to it) or something explaining how to actually change the words? It would be greatly appreciated!

The template is really just a blender file with a text object that says whatever you want- to edit text in blender, have a look at this video. Alternatively, if you're more familiar with a program like openScad you could check out Kragathea's remix for a more programmatic way to go about this. If you can't figure it out, and you only have some basic statuses to do, you can also message me the text you need (I don't speak German at all!) and I can make them up.

D&D Condition Ring Generator (SCAD)

Thanks, that helped greatly! The one thing I don't understand is how to make letters from longer conditions separate from one another. Here is an example of how it looks when I write Tasha's Hideous Laughter: http://puu.sh/CStno/5ad768988d.jpg

What should my settings be to prevent the letters from clipping?

Thanks already and also thanks for your offer to make them, but I try to learn this stuff anyways. If you'd be okay with it, I'd upload the German conditions as a remix when I have proof printed them.

That part you'll have to fiddle with a little bit- I found there to be no hard and fast rule for all statuses and just had to play around with spaces or the font spacing settings until it felt right. The template settings happened to work well for that number of letters, but my settings are slightly different for most rings.

It'd be great to have a translated version of these as a remix, cheers!

I see. Well, I'll try my best. Anyways, thanks a lot!

You bet- I'm not near my computer with Blender, but if I recall properly the key settings will have to do with the spacing between words and the spacing between letters. Good luck!

This is fantastic, thanks so much! Any chance you could add "Stone Aegis" I play a stone sorcerer and set up a buff on teammates at the beginning of every battle and always end the fight realizing I never remembered to use it.

Great idea, it is done- thanks for the suggestion. Glad you like the rings, happy gaming!

Just saw them on Crit Role and thought "They are awesome maybe somebody made something like that on thingiverse" and THEY ARE on thingiverse! Amazing work printing them today!

Isn't it nice when things work out like that? Thanks much, I'm really glad you like them- happy gaming!

Hey, great work and I love these! I'm having issues however with the printing. I'm very new to printing my own stuff but no matter how much i tweak the config of the printing settings, the letters are no where near as great as the ones others are posting on here... can anyone help me figure out what i'm doing wrong? I've attached a picture, all 9 I've done so far have the same issue!

That's a weird output, it looks like the actual slice might be a bit off as even your ring component, which is not that delicate, looks a little jagged. What slicer are you using, what material, etc? I like to do 0.15 layer height at 30 mm / s, 15 mm / s for the first layer.

I'm using Cura and 1.75 PLA. Layer height 0.2 at 35mm/s, 15mm/s for the first layer. I also have enabled ironing, infill density 20%. I can't get my head round why it's looking so poor.

Is your first-layer adhesion good? If I don't have an absolutely perfect first layer I'll almost always cancel and reset. I've also completely stopped ironing, maybe try that- although the crazy amount of drag to cause those artifacts in your "H" for example shouldn't be caused by ironing. What are your temperature settings? I'm doing 195, with 200 degree first layer.

Edit: Does the layer view of your slice look normal?

First layer adhesion is good. I'll stop the ironing for my next run, but as you've said, I'm not sure how that will fix the 'H' and the 'M' situation as they are currently very inaccurate. The layer view in the slicer looks perfect. I've configured the printer itself OK and haven't had issues with anything else in the past.

So weird. And it doesn't look like simple stringing- do you have combing mode on?

I did, yes. Maybe I should turn that off and run it again. Thanks for your help with this!

Maybe- but I use it and it's totally fine! Would you mind uploading your Cura profile so I can have a look? You're right, the M and H are just so weird. It almost looks like your printer is extruding even during travel. And- no worries, I want anyone who wants to to be able to use these!

Thanks! But I should clarify- I mean the .curaprofile file- if you go into Manage Profiles you should be able to export your settings.

Great, thanks! But now I'm even more confused, as that is so similar to my current setup that I got confused switching back and forth between them- I think your settings are fine, although I do have combing and grid infill (but those shouldn't make any difference for the problem you're seeing). My next instinct would be to look at the printer itself- is your z-axis potentially sticking somewhat? I should also note that the the .3mf file you attached does technically differ slightly from the stls on this Thing (by about 0.15 mm), but that shouldn't make any difference really.

Since our wizard casts Slow and Ray of Frost all the time, would it be possible to get a Movement Reduced ring, or something similar?

Thanks again for all the hard work!

Also, a while ago you asked for heart / skull version of the death fail / saves. I've uploaded some alternate extruded versions of those statuses- maybe have a look and see what you think!

Great idea! It's up, thank you for the suggestion.

Hey just wanted to give you a quick update that Fireshield has a typo in it. It says "Fireshield - Fireshielf"

Ha! Whoops, thanks for catching that. Should be updated now!

Great idea and great designs.
Could you please design a ‘Barkskin,’ ‘Heat Metal’ and; acid, cold, fire, lightning, and thunder resistance please?

Hey, thanks very much, and thanks for posting as a Make- looks great! I can definitely add those statuses, but since repeating "FIRE RESISTANCE" (or worse, "THUNDER RESISTANCE") twice on a ring makes for really crammed-in text, can I get your opinion on the format? Please have a look at the attached images and see what you prefer.

I think the shortened words look the most neat “fire resist” an “thunder resist” look like they’ll work the best. Thank again, appreciate your work

I agree. It is still a little cramped, but they're up! I have also included Protection from Energy as a generic version, that looks pretty good. Thanks for the suggestions!

Not a problem, thanks again. I’ll post a make once I’ve printed and painted all the new conditions.

Could you add Exhaustion levels 1-6?

Yep, done- just plain "Exhausted" has been added as well. Thanks for the suggestion!

As promised, pics! So for those of you printing lots of these and wanting to paint them fast, I came up with a good method. This only works for the extruded versions with the letters raised above the ring. First spray paint them what ever color you want. Then once dry, get some parchment paper and pay it flat. Take spray pain in the color you want the letters and spray a thin coat onto the paper. Then dip the token's letters in the paint. Let dry. Then hit them with a clear coat to protect. Enjoy!

Those look amazing Joe! Really well done. Can you post that pic and any others you want to share as a Make? It will be much easier for people to see.

I can post some pics of my production process. Here are some pics from tonight's game though. The mob number workers were a life saver!

This is amazing! I started printing them halfway through watching the latest episode of Critical Role. Any chance of “Spiritual Warriors” for the path of the ancestral guardian barbarian? Or is that too long?

Having it repeated is too long to not have the letters get smushed, but if once would suit you that's no problem! For an example, have a look at the attached pic and let me know if that would work

That looks great, thank you! :)

Ok, it should be up! However, it's not alphabetized properly as I'm on laptop and don't want to drag-and-drop using my trackpad- the files should be at the very bottom for now. Thanks for the suggestion!

Comments deleted.

Great design! I made an SCAD version of the generator since Blender is a bit too much for me.

D&D Condition Ring Generator (SCAD)

Love it- a great idea. One day I'll learn SCAD, this is fantastic.

Can you share the blender file for the extruded version? Thanks

It is shared, it's just misnamed- it's called "TEMPLATE_EMBOSSED_OUTWARD"

Also, please feel free to let me know if there are statuses you want added! I am happy to upload new ones as needed.

The Embossed Outward looks weird though. Like the letters are overhanging the circle. I wanted to make an extruded version of Enfeebled as well as an Advantage and Disadvantage rings.

I am new to blender but I just changed the spacing on the line to 1.1 from 1.0. It looks right now but I won't know until I try to print. I am halfway through printing a box lid so I can test when that is done. But if that is not right and you now what needs to be done, please let me know.

Gotcha. Advantage and Disadvantage were recently added, they should be good to go. Enfeebled I just forgot to upload, will do so once I get home!

Thanks man! Can you take a look at the template too? Anxious to finish my painting and show you. Figured out a good way to do a lot of them fast.

Done and done- not sure what happened to the original template. However, please do let me know if there are statuses that you think should be added- if there's something missing, there's almost certainly someone else out there who'd want it too!

Thanks man. BTW, I was just at my FLGS and someone was talking about your condition rings. Your famous now.

No worries- thanks for pointing out the problem with the template. Also... that's crazy! I can retire now.

Can you add Vicious Mockery. I can't figure out how to put spaces in between words on the template without it jumping to the other side.

Sure! However, "Vicious Mockery" twice is very long- I can't make it fit all that cleanly and have the words not look pressed together (see pic). I could do it just once, as "MOCKED MOCKED MOCKED", "MOCKERY MOCKERY MOCKERY" or something else if you have any suggestions (see pics).

Ah Ok. I was tryint to get both words in twice. So Looks like you are having the same issue. I would do Vicious Mockery once. I think that makes the most sense. Almost done with all the painting BTW. Will post pics soon. Figured out a way to do it fast using only spray paint.

Sounds good! Looking forward to seeing how they turned out.

So excited about these! I searched here as soon as I saw them on Critical Role and have already printed/used them in my campaign!! However, one of my party members was possessed by a ghost and I was sad I couldn't print that condition. Could you please add it if you have time? I have a feeling this won't be the last time we face off against them lol

Thank you so much! Glad you like them, you should post a make of them in use! I love to see the different versions people have made. For the ghost thing- the status would probably be "Possession," right?

“Possession” is the action, but I think the condition would be “Possessed”

Right of course, oops! I'll get around to it pretty soon, thanks for the suggestion!

Those look... Amazing! Did you paint them all by hand? The gloss is really nice. Would you mind posting those as a Make so I can link to it in the description? Awesome work.

I've been obsessing about these since I saw them! Too cool!!! And THANK YOU for making these!! I borrowed Matt's trick of using soda bottle rings, but I am going to move on to these slowly. Thanks for sharing these with us!

Thank you for saying that, much appreciated! I hope they serve you well, happy gaming :)

These are amazing! Any chance you'd be able to add Bloodied, Reckless, and a more general Advantage/Disadvantage (for stuff like Chill Touch and Vicious Mockery)? Also, if possible, Unconscious, Death Save, and Death Fail (maybe with the last two as a skull and a heart if possible)?

Thank you very much! Added most of those. I'm not quite sure what you're envisioning with the Death Save / Death Fail - care to give me more of an idea so I can try to make them?

Thanks for the suggestions!

Also, would Hidden be possible? It would be convenient for one of my player's Rogues. Also potentially 'Reduced Movement' or something like that?

Thank you so much!

Ok, Hidden is up! For now, I've uploaded "Death Save" and "Death Fail" as plain text as I couldn't figure out a way to make a nice skull without throwing off the total diameter of the ring- I'll keep fiddling and if I figure something out I'll let you know. Thanks for all the great suggestions!

Thank you for making them all! They're definitely the best-looking rings I've seen so far.

Thanks! The Death Save/Fail ones would be fine with just the text, but I was thinking (if it's possible), they could be fun with small skulls (for a fail) or a heart (for success) icon where the words currently are. If that would be significantly more work though, just Death Save/Fail is perfect!

Thanks again for adding all those!

These guys are awesome. Super helpful when playing! Love the ability to have the words be a different color than the ring making it easier to read

Those look great!!! Super cool to see, thanks for sharing. You should post it as a Make as well! Cheers.

For anyone slicing this in S3D who have found that the letters aren't attached to the ring, I've found a quick solution.

A. Use the extruded version if you like it anyway, because that one works fine. <--- EDIT: I was mistaken, the extruded version also needs to be separated or else the letters won't join the ring properly.


B. With the models loaded in S3D in the spot you want them printed in, go the menu bar at the top and click Mesh > Separate Connected Surfaces. This will separate the letters from the ring in the model itself, but maintain their position on your bed. No need to spend hours fixing each mesh with Netfabb or anything like that.

@thelukec, fantastic models! As soon as I saw them on CR I knew I wanted them and a friend sent me your make. Great work. :D

Hey, you rock!!! Thanks for posting this solution, I really appreciate the workaround coming from someone familiar with S3D as I have no idea how it works. I'm glad you like the models, happy gaming!

I only figured it out two minutes before posting by clicking through menus on S3D, lol. :P

Turns out I was mistaken and the extruded version also needs to be repaired or separated. It's still really simple to do though.

Haha well that still counts in my book. Thanks again!

First off I saw Matt Mercer use these last week and I just have to say congrats. I'm just wondering what the concentration tracker is for? Looks like the small inner part will easily get lost and I'm not sure why you need the 10-100 count.

Hey, thanks! Someone (I can't remember where, sorry) asked me to make that ring to track concentration for minute-long spells. It's not actually 10:100, but 1:10 to track the ten turns per minute- this is maybe easier to see in the Thingiview, but the hollow after each number is not text but a little piece to accept the tracking peg. However, I agree with you, you'd have to be careful with the parts- the peg could easily be lost if you weren't paying attention.

If it's not your style, there is the much simpler "Concentrating" ring, which I use.

Just saw that Matt Mercer uses these in his game! :D

Me too! I sent him a set and when I saw them tonight I kind of lost it!

Ya. I saw them too. I came out looking for them and here they are! Love it! Great work!

Thanks much, it made my night for sure. Glad you like them!

For sure! I like how you included the paint guard too. Did you paint them all with mini paints? I was thinking of spray painting them and then just going over the words with mini paints. The purple yellow combo was really sharp. Wondering what other colors I want to do.

Just a heads-up, the paint guard only works on the outward statuses, not the extruded ones- and the little clasp arms are very delicate, be wary! For the sharp colors, I actually paused the printer partway through the extruded-type stls and swapped filaments.

Spray paint to get the body color and then mini-painting the tops of the letters sounds like it would work really well, though! That's what I did for my original set, and it was really nice just not as crisp as the color-swap (my hands are not those of an artist). In my own game, I use a blue base with white letters for "good" effects like shield, and the purple/yellow for the bad effects, then I have some other combos like black/red and black/white that look really nice. If yours turn out nicely I'd love to see a picture or a Make!

Thanks for the tips on the colors. I have them all printed now so its time to paint. I can make the paint cover work to guard the base on the extruded while i paint the letters. It just takes a bit of maneuvering it around as i go to each set of letters. I do like your color scheme. So can you give me more detail. I noticed green/white, black/red, black/yellow, purple/blue. What did you use those colors for. I want to have a good theme. Thanks.

Hey there, sorry for the delayed response. I hope you've made some progress painting them, I look forward to seeing what you came up with! My general rule of thumb is, darker color for the ring and brighter color for the letters.

  • Purple/yellow is my generic "Bad Status" color combo
  • Purple/blue is for things like hex, hunter's mark, guiding bolt, hexblade's curse- things that the players do often to the enemies to cause some effect
  • Black / Red I use for physical effects like restrained and stunned
  • Green / white I don't have any real idea- I think I was thinking positive effects like Bless and Haste
  • Blue / white for things like Shield, Mage Armor
  • Red / Yellow maybe for things like incapacitated or unconscious (to give a sense of alarm)
  • Black / white for more generic things like "Magic Effect" or "Status Effect"

Hope that helps, it's really whatever you like! If you like the way they look I'd be super stoked if you post a Make so I can see how they turned out.

I love them! After I saw them on Critical Role last night I started printing some first thing this morning! I've also directed some traffic your way from Reddit, where people were asking about them as well!

Hey, that's amazing! Definitely post a make if they turn out well, I'd love to see it. And thanks for the mention- I hope a bunch of people use them in their games.


These are great, thanks for making them! Only problem I've found is "Creature 1 Extruded" is actually "Charmed"?

Hey thanks, glad you like them. I have updated Creature 1 for both the outward and extruded files, it should be fixed now. Thank you very much for pointing that out!

Hi There! Nice job! Will you make 'Flat-Footed'?

Alright, it's been uploaded for both the extruded and outward styles! Thanks again for the suggestion.

Great idea! I should be able to get to that tonight. I'll update you when it has been uploaded

Really nice, going to print several of these this week.

I see you were taking requests for other statuses and wondered if you could make one for "dazed"? It's used in D&D's Wrath of Ashardalon board game. Thank you!

Hello, got to "Dazed" on my lunch break. Should be good to go for both outward and extruded versions. Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks! I've got a 0.8mm nozzle on my printer right now for another project, but I'm eager to get the status rings printed and give them a try!

Hey thanks, glad you like them. I can absolutely make that up- should be able to get to it tonight sometime. I'll update you when it is uploaded!

Comments deleted.

Very nice. Any chance you could make one for Slayer’s Prey?

Glad you like them! It is done, thank you for the suggestion. Let me know if you think of anything else.

These are super neat. I tried my hand at modeling them with a little modification to make the tops of the letters more readable. Thanks for posting!

I saw, they look great (I was your first "Like" I think :)! I waffled about using raised lettering and went with the flat version in the end, but yours look awesome. Credit where credit is due, though- after posting these I was told about this make and I think your approach is technically a little closer to that since you have the single word version. Great work!

5E Condition Markers
by DM_Art

Hey Luke, just printed one out on my Mini Pro and it turned out awesome. Might I suggest adding a token for Hexblade's Curse?

Great idea! Do you think it should say it just like "Hexblade's Curse" or would "Hexblade cursed" or something else be better?

Hmm... tough call. I think Hexblade's Curse reads a little better but Hexblade Cursed matches your pattern more so I would go with that.

Hmm... Yeah but you're right about Hexblade's Curse reading better. I put that up for now, if you feel strongly that it should be the other way I can modify. Thanks for the suggestion!

No problem, thanks for adding it so fast! I think it's great as-is.

Absolutely. Let me know if you think of any more to add.

Sliced with Simplified 3D and most of the letters are not attached to the rings. Any suggestions??

Comments deleted.

I'm a bit late but I just ran into this problem as well and it's because each letter is a separate shell in the STL files,. They can be fixed with easily with a few pieces of software, I'm actually using windows 10's built in 3D Builder (surprising right). I can upload the fixed files as a remix when I'm finished, though I doubt you still need this.

For anyone slicing this in S3D who have found that the letters aren't attached to the ring, I've found a quick solution.

A. Use the extruded version if you like it anyway, because that one works fine. <--- EDIT: I was mistaken, the extruded version also needs to be separated or else the letters won't join the ring properly.


B. With the models loaded in S3D in the spot you want them printed in, go the menu bar at the top and click Mesh > Separate Connected Surfaces. This will separate the letters from the ring in the model itself, but maintain their position on your bed.

Beardie did resolve this by switching slicers (Cura doesn't have this issue, for example) in case that saves you some time!

It wasn't too much work with a macro, but while I have you attention I figured I would let your know that the fireshield extruded is actually frightened extruded and it isn't swapped, it appears to just me missing. I'm not sure if there are other files like this, I only looked through the extruded ones.

Okay, fireshield has been updated. Thanks again for letting me know.

Oops, thanks very much for pointing that out! Clearly not one of the most-used conditions.

Im having this problem too with many of them (picture attached). Was there a solution posted or is it still 'switch slicers'?

Thanks for making this. Ive messed with similar rings in the past and never loved the result.... but you nailed it (as we all saw on CR)

There is actually a solution, if you want to use these rings sort of as-is- there is a program called MeshMixer that apparently deals with these errors (I have never used it so I don't know how that works), along with (according to CaveJohnson above) Windows 10's 3D. Maybe if you reply to CaveJohnson above they can post their updated files as a remix? Sorry you've run into trouble, I'm very spoiled with Cura as it just works for these (and is very easy, I'm fairly new to 3D printing). Since I periodically upload new statuses I haven't had the time to figure out how fix the mesh issue (Blender, as far as I can tell, has problems with overlapping faces as seen here).

Nitrocubane's remix is excellent, (and actually they embossed their single-word rings first, I reference their remix in the description above), but I don't think they have had the time to replicate all the statuses.

Anyway, glad you like the rings, I hope you get it all sorted out.

I thought they were my easy solution-- until I noticed the single word. I think the mirrored text is kind of the secret sause of your design here-- makes they legible at all angles; which was my groups key complaint with previous rings i'd printed.

Maybe ill just breakdown and finally learn the interface and settings to Cura. Not the first frustrating thing with Simplify3D Ive experienced. Thanks again!

If it helps at all, I've attached the modified draft cura profile I use for my Ender 3- you really don't need to go very high resolution for these to look nice, all the ones I sent to the CR folks were at 0.2 mm layer height. Also, if legibility is a concern the "EXTRUDED" versions are a must- you can pause to swap filaments after the ring layers have printed and it just pops. Good luck, and happy gaming!

I was able to dial them into cura and get them printed... any suggestions for doing the color change? Currently i have it set to "change filament" at the correct layer... it works... ok.

In simplify3d i usually make two files, one for the bottom and one for the top. That doesnt seem as doable/easy in Cura (?).

Oh, i put this picture up on FB's DND 5e group. Seems like a huge hit over there.

That's awesome and niiiice those look great! Love the red and yellow, I haven't tied that combo yet, great call- you should post it as a Make on here as well!

So I use this post-processing plugin that lets me change filaments at an particular layer height- to use it:

  • Change the "Trigger" to "Layer No."
  • Find the number of the first layer that is not part of the main ring body and input that into the "Change Layer" field
  • Prepare and export

There are more details on the plugin page above, but when you run it your printer will beep at different times, prompting your input and allowing you to switch filaments. When I get to the filament swap phase, I extrude a little more until the new color is extruded, then continue.

Change Filament At Z Cura Plugin

Trying now with Slic3r and the preview shows it as being connected. I'll see in the morning.

OK, glad you made some progress. The only slicer I have used is Cura, and it's given me no problems with these so far- do let me know if you can't sort it out. Also, I will be updating this thing shortly to include markers with outward-facing text (similar to the "Sleeping" one currently posted), so you may want to wait to do much printing.

you should me one for hunters mark and hex

Hey- I forgot to update you when I added those markers, but "Hunter's Mark" and "Hexed" are now available. Thanks for the suggestions!

Those are definitely on the to-do list, thank you!