[OLD VERSION] Folk flute, alto, straight bore

by pfh Oct 2, 2012
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Does not work. Made sure there were no leaks but it's like I'm blowing into a tube, no sound but air.

How should I go about printing the middle piece? It has both a male and female mating ends that would both have overhangs when printed upright. I want to avoid printing laying down because the entire length would be rough from the supports. Should I just print it female side down with or without supports?

Also you should go to this remix https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:162490
It´s from the same author but it haves a lot of printing options!

Folk flute in tenor, alto, and soprano (+8) sizes
by pfh

I have printed the soprano version, you can and should print it without support! Check my image!

I blow on it like you would a half empty coke bottle but no sound.

have you managed that? I have the same doubt! I think it´s missing the mouthpiece something like this!

I printed it and i am pretty sure it is airtight, but when i blow, it makes the same noise as blowing through a straw.
plz help!

love this flute, just made and remixed it. awesome work pfh.

just printed the flute and section two printed without holes. Not sure what happened there.

I like the design, but it's too big for my printer. I only have a 6x6x6" print area.

Ah, but your other flute will fit. I'll give that a shot..


Pflute, soprano¸, tapered bore
by pfh

I have a few variations on the smaller size here:


You can choose simple "folk" fingering style or more complex recorder-like fingering, and straight or tapered bore. The idea of the tapered bore is that it gives a mellower sound, which gets to be important at that size.