Venom skull with base

by JS-Studio Oct 19, 2018
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Hi All, I'm using flash print with my flashforge adventure 3 & I cannot get this build to bond to the platform. I've tried resizing it, rotating it, using a brim but to no avail. What am I doing wrong? please help.

Hi, try clean your print bed . Test bed leveling and set correct temperature on heat bed for your filament brand .

Im using the small Ender 3 and I Scaled it up to take the entire bed. its a good file Just my material is a Glow n the Dark PLA is very brittle. I wished I made the Exterior walls .6 or something and increased the infill But the FILE is GREAT so Thank you. Also next time I am going to Imbed s0me LEDs for MAX Effect. lol

Bonjour faut il l'imprimer les dents vers le haut ou comme sur votre photo en dessous ? Pensez vous quand remplissage a 0 pourcent et possible ?

Great file. loved it! made one at 100% then 180% took about 26 hours for the head 16 for base and 1.5 for the tongue

Not to nit pick. because this is a cool design...but wouldn't venom's skull be the same as whatever it was bonded to? I mean the implications of this are horrifying. It bonds then starts breaking down your eye sockets and jaw bone? yikes!

awesome projects! i'm gonna print them asap, i'll start in 5 minutes with the base, then tongue and skull. about the skull: at what infill did you print it? i'm printing everything (base, tongue, skull and skull supports) at 10% via simplify3d.
thank you!

I use 10% infill ( via Prusacontrol ) only for skull with 170% scale 20% infill

did you print base and tongue at 170% scale too, right?

yes , at 170% scale -10% infill base (no support), 10% infill (no support), 20% infill skull (with support) for stronger teeth

cant wait to print this

This is awesome! Can I ask what your support settings are? Been trying to dial mine in on my MK3 but have been having some issues. The ones on your skull look on point!

Hi, i use PrusaControl for slicing and there is no support settings . Only turn ( -69° ) on X for best touch with bed . Hope this help

Hmm, I haven't tried PrusaControl for my slicing yet, usually use Cura. I may have to give it a go and see how it works out. Thanks for the information.

Cool skull, love the idea for the base.