Facets Dice - Full set of custom RPG dice

by sablebadger Oct 20, 2018
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any chance you could design a D3, and maybe a same theme D2 (coin).

I am really excited to try this. I just wish I had the ability to do multiple filaments so I could easily set a few layers for the numbers at a different color. I always screw up trying to fill in color for dice. I mean, there's always the old crayon trick from D&D, but I wanted something better than that. Any idea if PETG would produce good results? Also, would a smaller layer height help with the overall readability/quality?

I've never tried PETG actually, I've kept to PLA for now. I agree that multiple colors would be awesome.

Any tips on getting the d20 to print out perfectly? Keep getting some distortion near the bottom of the build with pla.

Also, love these dice.

thanks! I didn't have any problems with mine, but you might play with temperature? or try adding support.

gonna do these dice in resin and paint em up real perty, Thanks dawg

post pics when you're done! Someone printed me a set in resin since I only have FDM at home, and they are awesome!

Someone printed me a set in resin since I only have FDM at home and they are awesome! Post pics when you're done!

I am absolutely in love with these dice! They are stunning and I cant wait to play them this weekend! I printed them on end with 0 infill an 99 wall line count on Cura, this generated a beautiful inward collapsing 'infill' that follows the shape of the perimeter. After running a D6 through a tower 200 times I had a 95% fairness result. Yes you can 3D print fair dice as long as your printer is up too the task (I printed mine on a Anet A8 with some simple stabilization mods and stock parts), Print these dice people!

That's awesome! Post some pics. Glad to hear you got a balanced result out of this. I hadn't considered the walls vs infill. That might actually give you a better print quality too. I'll have to try it out. And yes, I've been printing balanced dice for a while now. Some people get all stressed out about it, but it is totally possible and great for making game prototypes. (I have two published dice games that started as a 3d printed prototype.)

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I would do them one at a time, and double check your z height. Are you get a good first layer? These are designed to have a small footprint so you really need a good Stick to succeed. Try adding purple glue stick to the bed if your using PLA.

Good luck.

1st layer is good. Curl happens at about 15mm up. Ill try one dead center though. Heated bed is usually TOO good at adhering.

Can somebody help a brother out? I keep printing these and i keep getting problems. Mainly curling edges on the d20 and 10^ die. Plus just not wanting to stick to the platform. Tried a raft at 15mm. Too much. A 5mm still toppled over. Trying to print all 7 at once but it keeps messing up. Any ideas for curling edges? Using black PLA Hatchbox in a Qidi X-one2.

What heat are you using with the PLA? Also do you have active cooling on your printer? I use painter's tape and purple glue stick and that works really well for bed adhesion.

What heat are you using with the PLA? Also do you have active cooling on your printer? I use painter's tape and purple glue stick and that works really well for bed adhesion.

Bed is about 50 degrees and the extruder is at 208. Coolling was on default. Should I turn it off? Everything seems to stick really well except for items on the very edge.

Great dices! Can you create d6 FATE edition (with plus and minus)? That would be great.

Sure, I modeled it up, you get to do the test print for me though. It's uploaded, let me know how it works. :)

And yet, if you look closely, you can see that the signs are a little off center.

I'll take a look.

Thank. I have now launched the seal. However, I think that such signs will look better.

Fate Dice (aka Fudge Dice)
by behlers

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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These are definitely fantastic printed great without supports on cr-10, working to make a 2-color version with filled in numbers

Any progress on this?

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These are fantastic! I've been wanting physical dice but couldn't bring myself to order a set online.

Printed in white ABS on a customized Anet A8. A bit of sanding and acetone smoothing, and a bit of marker ink in the numbers, and they look great! I even printed two sets, one of them upside down, in case infill or minor printing defect offset the balance somehow.

I had trouble with the lower side of the D20 because I didn't want to use any supports. I cut the model in half along its equator, and it printed flawlessly.

I hope you're going to post a make with pictures! I would love to see them.

Yeah, the d20 is the roughest for printing overhangs. I had good luck on my Prusa MK3, but wasn't sure how other printers would handle it.

Great idea! I like how all the numbers print on the Z axis.

Are D14, D16 and D18 possible? just a thought.

Possible? Certainly. I'm in the middle of another project at the moment, but I'll think about adding those later.

Awesome design!!!!

Great work! Have you tested the dice to check if they are reasonably balanced? It look like they should be.

I haven't done a proper chi-squared test on these dice in particular, but I've run tests on the d6 style with the exact settings I used to print these out and they were 95% fair. I have a couple sets out to other people for "beta testing", lol. They felt fair in my ad hoc tests while developing them. The indentation of the numbers is .5mm and the form is symetrical usually. They should be printed at 100% infill and standing on end, so there is almost no chance of creating voids that would tip the balance one way or another. I also kept all edges that matter crisp and sharp as i could to prevent bias showing up with rounded edges. I did a LOT of research and personal testing of 3d printed dice while developing a dice game called "Dice of Crowns" and the sequel "Dice of Pirates" (available on amazon and thing12games.com). The game was originally designed using 3d printed dice, and we always send out review copies and special tier backers got a preview copy 3d printed, so I had reason to put the time into making balanced dice.


These look great! Will you upload the files for the D4 eventually?

Ok files uploaded

Thanks Sablebadger! I am really excited to make these!

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Oops. Yeah I'll do that in a bit.